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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences


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The same is true for me, in and out of the LB. I would be “in” more often if so many ranks weren’t occupied by cheaters. I have read/seen enough credible evidence to come to this conclusion (on this and similar threads)… how can Ludia not see this?

I have played a lot since global release and spent a decent amount on OTOs in addition to VIP… and have only 4 uniques (27 Indo, 22 Utarinex, 21 Dioraja and Tuora). I live in L3 but hunt in all local zones. I got a lot of T Rex this weekend, but after several 10’s my Tryko is still unlocked at 130/250. It is very discouraging for honest players like me to see blatant spoofers populating the LB :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve reduced my spending significantly but might reconsider if I see action taken against cheaters. I’m watching and waiting… less patiently each day.


Truth of the matter is…

Wait for it…

As long as these so called cheaters are still paying into the game… Nothing will be done.

That’s the truth


I’m hoping they do a cleanse before the end of the tournament, close enough to the end that spoofers don’t have time to spoof a new account and get back up to the top, but enough time for all the discouraged to battle and get to where they can. I doubt it will happen, but a guy can hope…


I’ve learned through my many years on this mortal coil that those who protest the loudest have something to hide. If you want to call me an idiot in your own words than go right ahead. You know the old saying, “sticks and stones…”.

I for one do not believe any player regardless of what so called legit Alliance they are in that they walked, rode a bike, public transit or bought incubators and were able to make a complete team of 30’s. The whole reason this is a non-starter debate is you have one cheater feeling threatened by another cheater. Plain and Simple.


I’ve looked at the alliance in question and just the presence of a certain green tinged chicken is enough to make me somewhat suspicious. Since isn’t one of its epic ingredients rare to bordering extinct these days? I mean, it’s been a long time since I’ve even seen one of those things, let alone got to dart it.


Michael, get off your high horse and smell the roses.


I like the way that in his first comment he says having a bunch of L30’s doesn’t mean you’re a cheater, then in the second he says that the only way to do that is to be a cheater…


Holy spankies, you’re calling me a cheater. LMFAO I’m level 19 with 1 unique, a level 24 indo. My highest dino is a 25 stegogod. I have a lvl 20 monostego as my main dino behind deus. I use a 22 gorgosuchus as my tank buster and a 22 suchotator and 20 sintoraptor for bleeds. My user name is Rathelon #9269. I’ve been playing since May, VIP from June to whenever 1.5 dropped, December? I quit my alliance because spawns are so crap I don’t have anything to donate. I see maybe 1 to 3 epics per week and if 1.6 doesn’t show any bug fixes, uninstallimg the game.


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Just had a fight I selected Monostegotops full HP stunned Stegodeus still full HP Dracorex G2 was swapped in as I done Nullifing is Impact got slapped with the swapin strike caught Draco with the Nullifing Impact then selected reduce speed move which would of killed Draco but for some reason Dracorex strikes first and took me out even though Monostegotops is faster this is why people think there is something fishy when they have a little win streak stuff like this happens and you lose


My My such a Robotic answer


Interpret however you wish, you will anyways. Ahhh yes, the Alliance is strong with this one.


Are you always this daft or just when trying to play clueless on the forums


Oh I never play at being clueless or daft. It just comes natural to me. You of all people should know where that stems from.


I wouldn’t know? I don’t excuse/tolerate cheating on this game in the slightest and worked my tail off to get to where I am, but I don’t think I you’d understand what that takes.


Mmhmmm…ok. Billy Joel sang about glass houses.


We’re not talking about Billy Joel, Michael.


Wow. An insult to us cheaters? They’re an insult to themselves.


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