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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences


thank you @TheMaxx

saved all of it for possible future reposts / before Ludia decides to delete this

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@Ludia: answers? :face_vomiting:


Ha! Thankyou so much @TheMaxx


Ludia, what the duck? @TheMaxx does way better job than you guys


We’ve told you guys how to report cheaters, there will be no naming and shaming in the forums please.


Were not out to name and shame anyone, only to get them removed so competition becomes fair again.

Yet nothing happens when we use the way you told us, so could you tell us of another way that changes something? @J.C


The current process of reporting them to support with their full gamer id (name and number) is the only sure method to trigger an investigation atm.

Posting pics of peoples accounts, private discord names etc, is considered name and shame. Just so we are all clear on that front.


What do you think of the evidence though? Looks pretty incriminating. I’m sure there are probably thousands more but not all of them are dumb enough to use the same account name and post pics of their accounts on a spoofer website…lol


it’s only “shaming” if you’ve done something wrong :joy: and it’s in no way illegal or anything, just against ludia’s policies which can be for no other reason than to want to protect cheaters. most organizations encourage exposing cheaters so they can get rid of them to maintain integrity and legitimacy, or take action on their own. clearly these are not even an afterthoughts at ludia HQ.

like another forum post, literally 1/2 the top 10 are cheaters right now. probably 1/2 the top 500. they’ve all slipped though your investigations for months? im gonna go out on a limb and guess they’ve all been reported multiple times, yet here we are with mods just saying to report them so another investigation can come back "well they’ve spent :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: on the game, so… meh :man_shrugging: "


Money talks and legit players walk.


legit players put their wallets back in their pockets and walk
a lot more us than there are of them


I saved it all as well lol.
@TheMaxx seriously, you’ve done the legit player base a huge service. While it may not mean anything to Ludia, it means the world to me. Thank you :pray:t2:


@J.C We understand your name and shame policy but how is this any different then what ludia did. A few months back ludia identified numerous spoofers / cheaters and let them play. They had no rank and couldn’t play in the tournament. Everyone on here knew who they were as they didn’t have a trophy rank beside their name, yet were high enough in trophies were they should have. Isn’t that naming and shaming as well? This is not a private site. We can all see other alliances and their members. Therefore, account names are not private. BY the look of the above post there are numerous teams that have slipped through the cracks. And if they are not removed they will have an even bigger advantage now with alliance missions. They will easily complete these and benefit the whole alliance with cheated dna

You know yourself but obviously can’t say. No one on here is seeing 5 or 6 or more Sino’s or Erlicks a day. I haven’t seen an Erlick in months. I have played since this first came out in beta and the highest I have is a 28 stego. Yet there are numerous teams that had 8 or more level 30’s after just a couple of months, including erlickidomious.

Not trying to give you a hard time. Thanks for all your hard work listening to all the complaining on here.


As far as i know, Ludia has had a lot of these screenshots for nearly 2 weeks. If nothing is going to be done about it, at least the public can know what’s going on and be aware that they are losing trophies and tournament rewards to cheaters. It’s kinda like when someone gets arrested and the newspapers publish it.


Are you guys hiring? Because i feel like i should be offered a job so i can really get to work and clean this game up.


Nah you’re not qualified. You don’t close your eyes and take the money :thinking:

You did a great job. Far better than any of them did.
I felt bad for losing half the rewards for being 11th right after a cheater.
I feel bad for anyone who missed the top or higher reward just because Ludia is not willing to change this.
Cheats are blatant and some screenshots are just worth thousands of words.

Ludia, I was really pleased when your ban hammer hit at the beginning of the game.
Since that you let them come back and settle for the situation where we are now.

If you want to give up this battle and take the cash, it’s fine. Just gives us a lot of dinosaurs to have fun. Competition is dead if it was alive at some point.


@TheMaxx this is all kinds of amazing!


if it’s SOOO profitable to allow spoofers and cheaters, why not just let all of us do it?

if it’s only about the money and the integrity of your company and game means nothing to you, you’re missing out on a lot of money by pretending to be taking any action at all.

kudos for not deleting the screenshots though. would have guessed ya’ll would’ve deleted them by now.


We investigate all cases in which we have the full gamer ID.

Ex: Name#123


Investigated? Results are in. Cheaters won the tournament. What are you doing to compensate people that didn’t cheat? Since they got cheated out of rewards.


While I know you personally dont have the power to do so. Telling us your investigating and working on it all the while we have our own evidence showing how bad the leaderboard is right now just isnt cutting it for many of us anymore.

We know your turning a blind eye to many accounts and we can only come to the conclusion its because they have spent alot of money.

This hurts both the games integrity and the amount of value we as costumers can put into anything your saying to us.

Whether you want to or not at some point your company is going to have to make a choice between active helpful members of our community and cheaters who are willing to win trade further damaging the integrity of your tournaments.