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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Community Choice Event 2019

Hey fellow DPG members!

You voted and we delivered! From December 16th to December 23rd, you’ll see the winners of Jurassic World’s cutest creature in Special Events and in the special Top Cuties Incubator! You will also see the return of some very sore losers who were picked last, and they are ready to battle and prove their cuteness!

Stay cute!


Cool thanks.

Noice one!

First maybe fix the game for everyone

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Alright. Imma go dart some uniques on Christmas Day when I’m meant to be getting sword and shield lol


Anyone remember the stigymoloch strike from the last time?


it would be nice it there are any green drops to actually acquire the creatures. I missed out on dimetrodon this past one because of it.


When did we vote for this, i cant remember :confused:

September, IIRC

@E.D maybe the green supply drops can be increased some so we can find these creatures?

A few weeks ago they were increased and green drops were very abundant where we could collect all event dinos and we could dart what we desired. There were so many green drops I actually maxed coins on them before orange drops.

For the last 2-3 weeks I believe, it has been really bad. The green drops have significantly decreased to back to when you guys said you would increase them due to a lack of them.

I wasn’t able to dart all my scolo common this week. Not because I played any less than I have over the last year but because the green drops are far and few. Now nasutoceratops is out and I am looking everywhere to collect them.

Tonight was the common/rare day so there were more green drops out but even so I barely found any common and the rares weren’t the one I was looking for. They weren’t evenly placed.

Is there a way to please increase green supply drops without overkilling them but also keeping it consistent week to week?

Thanks for your time.

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