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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Community Communication Updates 2022

Hello DPG members,

We’re excited to officially share that a new community communication initiative will be launched in early 2022!

This will be in the form of a “Community Update”. Although we can’t reveal all the goodies just yet, the community will get a glance at some early information of what’s to come in Jurassic World Alive. We anticipate launching this initiative in hopes to create a more communicative and transparent space for the community and provide a clearer understanding of where the team will focus its efforts on. We believe this will allow our passionate Community to be more involved to guide the team in shaping the game and help us make wiser decisions.

We also would like to take the opportunity to address the subject of stat boosts. We hear and understand that the Community has had several questions regarding this important subject. We appreciate all your questions, comments and feedback and your passion for the game never goes unnoticed. The team continues to prioritize this topic. For the remainder of 2021, there will be no changes or Stat Boost events. We will share more detailed information on this topic in the new year!

We look forward to sharing our very first update in 2022 and as always, happy playing DPG family! Happy holidays and sending warm wishes to all!


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Finally something happens :clap::clap::clap:

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Let’s hope the first update is better news than this.

They say that no news is often good news but to say you are aware we have questions on boosts is a bit of an understatement.

Telling us that you will communicate with us more in 2022 is all well and good, but to tell us there won’t be a shuffle or reset on boosts this year when there is only a few weeks left of the year is surely a joke?

How about something like ‘We are sorry we have said nothing about if and when there will be boost shuffles since the last one, but we will give you one in January’ .

As it is we are none the wiser so some actual information wouldn’t have gone amiss.


So no Boost Reset.

There’s a shock. :roll_eyes:


hoppefuly they remove boost penalty but highly dubt


Communication is a fantastic first step! Can’t wait to hear what y’all have planned for 2022.


Nothing happened


While I like the communication improvement, the fact it took you guys this long is somewhat sad. My expectations are low right now. I’m hoping you raise them


Although sceptic, I am very happy to see the forum does reach the team and they’re moving towards the community more. Anxious to see how that will be put to practice.


Just write short version and be honest to us: Players don’t pay us enough to do boost reset…may by next year… :smiley:


About time. Was thinking we would need another gamepress reach out. Not thst ludia actually did anything with those.

Not getting to excited because the last times they said they would do better communication they didn’t. They have a lot to make up for.


lol “The team continues to prioritize this topic” but we’re ignoring you for the past year.
IF you change the dynamic of a Dinosaur via an update, you should have free boost shuffle for that dino… It’s simple really, not rocket science… Or just don’t change the characteristics of a dino until your ready to provide a boost shuffle.
Thank you for listening, Not


They can’t win can they. People moan cause they don’t communicate then moan when they do!
Let’s give it a chance and see what’s planned!!!


Because of that a lot of people will remain sceptic. I’m really hoping they will though…… :crossed_fingers:

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Glad they’re starting to respond to all of us, showing that they do actually care.

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Well, when they have essentially cried wolf so many times and we get kicked down for month after month, you lose faith


I’m keeping toy word. If and when they actually do what they say the most they will get is an its about time. We shouldn’t have to beg and quit the game for them to listen thst there is a problem. Keeping the good things going will eventually earn praise tho.


I agree with you. And seriously hope they’ll follow trough.

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Many meta changing updates, super powerful dinos that people invest in to be nerfed the following update. Yet ludia refuses a boost shuffle, yeah you really hear the community.