[News] Jurassic World Alive | Community Update - April 2022

It’s that time again DPG members!

Time flies faster than the Coelhaast, wouldn’t you agree? We are already at our second Community Update!
Here’s a glimpse of what we have in store in the upcoming weeks:

2022 Roadmap

We are super excited to reveal some exciting items to look forward to in the second quarter of this year.

The highlights listed below are only a part of what’s to come in the game. There will be additional events and items closer to releases.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All content listed in the Roadmap is not final and subject to change if necessary.

General notes for this Quarter

  • We will continue to increase the number of Fierce options. We would like to provide a high level of PVP (at least 2 pure fierce creatures). We will take the opportunity to implement new battle mechanics and abilities to this class to reinforce its duellist capacities.
  • In the upcoming updates, we will aim to rebalance several of our oldest iconic Unique creatures. The meta has shifted since their introduction. Based on the data we observe, some of them need to get their kits re-adapted to remain competitive choices at high levels.
  • Jurassic World Alive will be celebrating its #Roaring4th! A special 4th year anniversary video will be shared to highlight some of the wonderful features and aspects of the game!
  • Finally, in light of the anniversary, we’re preparing something very special to celebrate this year. Something you don’t want to miss out on, stay tuned!

Inquiry Incubator


Welcome to the Inquiry Incubator section!

Here’s where we answer some of the questions asked from you, our Jurassic World Alive community!

Note: We will always do our best to answer as many questions as we can. Please be aware that some questions are part of a larger topic and require more time to discuss before sharing any information. That being said, here are some excellent questions we received from you!

  • We really love Rexy and we are excited to see her in Jurassic World: Dominion. Can we also expect to see her in-game soon?

    • So far there hasn’t been any news since the Lockwood Manor events.
  • Any plans to add a search toolbar for Creatures in the Collection menu?

    • We are aware that searching your entire collection can be challenging. Our team is exploring different options to help players find their Creatures in the menu.
  • Do you plan to increase the Alliance member cap?

    • At this moment there are no plans to increase the Alliance member cap.

Community Corner

Welcome to the Community Corner! In this section, we highlight the amazing different types of creative content that you share with the Jurassic World.

The theme for this edition is - The strongest creatures in the current meta and why.

Check out the rankings from these content creators on which creatures they think are dominating the meta!

Which is the Strongest Creature? (Jurassic World Alive 2.14)

GP JWA Poll Results: Which creature do you think is the strongest? | Jurassic World Alive Wiki - GamePress

Jurassic World Alive | The strongest creatures in the current meta and why! From yours truly, ProC

Did you agree with these rankings? Let us know in the thread which creatures YOU think are the strongest in the current meta and why!


Alright. Now could you check the tournament formats to make sure they’re fun to play before letting us deal with them. Also Roberta in JWA??!!


Couldn’t of asked for much else, thank you :pray:


I agree. many of those creatures as well as the legendaries and epics from the old days need some serious love


This right here. :exploding_head:


Should have said Preondactylus here, now I’m disappointed :neutral_face:


Ok, this gets me excited

Can’t wait to see if she finally gets in. Can’t wait for what is in store for the next quarter. Hope something good for June since that’s my birthday month!


Finally. Hopefully indoraptor



Time really does fly fast ever since the new meta. I hope there will be a bright future for Indoraptor, Tryko and the other classic Uniques.


don’t forget rebalance of old Legendaries and Epics plss
also when Alankylo and Dimodactylus are getting hybrids?


Any plans on adding Ceratosaurus which should’ve be in the game since the start.


Would be nice to get some new game features, these constant updates with only new creatures has me upset.


Not really much info in this one.

If raid matching is anything like what ive heard about from datamines, id like to pass. I do not want randos joining a raid while i wait for invited players to join. Yes i know it can be set to private, but still. Prepare for the “i used raid matching to joina raid but got kicked out of it.” This isnt gonna work without a way to have an in depth convo with people since each person needs to be clear on strats and what creature they are using.


When are y’all gonna share some news on the new mapping system you will need to switch to? Because google maps is stopping services in December


Could this be it for indoraptor?!


well lets hope dio,tryko,erlidom and indoraptor get their needed buff :eyes:


While you are rebalancing things, how about rebalancing the Continental Legendaries? You have given one continent (Europe), a completely OP legendary compared to the other two which gives them quite the advantage in advantage tournaments. And so far this is the only one of the three that has no raid to give others an opportunity to at least get some DNA.


What’s rapid chat?