[News] Jurassic World Alive | Community Update - January 2022

Happy new year, DPG members!

As mentioned in December, to create a more open and transparent channel with the community, the team announced that we would be starting a new communication initiative for 2022.

We would like to welcome you into 2022 with this year’s first Community Update! Let’s get into it.

2022 Roadmap

Sharing the roadmap is a first in JWA, so we are super excited to reveal some exciting items to look forward to in the first quarter of 2022. This roadmap will be updated quarterly.

The highlights listed below are only a part of what’s to come in JWA. There may be additional events and items closer to release.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All content listed in the Roadmap is not final and subject to change if necessary.

General notes for this Quarter

  • 2.13 and 2.14 will address the lack of Fierce options available, providing 2 new pure fierce creatures in these upcoming updates.
  • We are also planning to provide more Wildcard varieties to help players solve certain battle scenarios.
  • Finally, one of your most favorite creatures is getting the super-hybrid it deserves! Can you guess which creature?

Future of Stat Boost Events

After extensive review and many discussions amongst team members, it has been concluded that there will not be any more Stat Boost shuffle or reset events in Jurassic World Alive.

However, we are happy to announce that the team is developing a revised system to better fit player needs. This will come in the form of Stat Boost Refund Tokens! The purpose of these tokens is to implement a more sustainable Boost system that will better impact JWA in the long term.

How will they appear in-game? When the feature is released, they will first be introduced as special rewards, and for special events only. They will not be distributed at a high frequency. This is to ensure a steady progression of the Token system into JWA. Post-release, internal data analysis, and player reception will be the two main components that will help us monitor the performance of this new feature.

A brief overview on how Tokens will work: Tokens will allow you to reallocate boosts with no refund penalty, similar to a Boost Shuffle event. Attack, health, or speed stat boosts applied to one creature can be fully refunded with one token of the related stat boost type. Tokens will act as consumable items.

More information and details regarding this new feature will be revealed closer to its release date. Rest assured that we will do our best to answer your questions when these details become available to the community! We kindly ask for your patience until then.

Question Corner

In this corner, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions from the community!

Note: We are aware that you have many questions for us. We will do our best to answer as many questions as we can. Please be aware that some questions are part of a larger topic and require more time to discuss before sharing any information. That being said, here are some excellent questions we received from the community!

1. Any plans for aquatics being added in the future?
Great suggestion! We love the idea of aquatics. However, this is not something to expect for this year. That being said–the idea is not entirely off the table!

2. Could there be a plan to simplify move names for player clarity?
Although not in the short term, we plan to improve move descriptions. There are no plans for changes to move names in particular until further notice.

3. Are there any plans on implementing solo raids into JWA?
There are no plans on implementing solo raiding into JWA. At its core, raid battles are meant to encourage our community to collaborate through player cooperation and coordination!

Community Highlights

We would like to take this opportunity to feature some fantastic JWA fan art from the community! Here are some of the team’s recent favorites! We appreciate each and every piece of fan art and can’t wait to feature more of these amazing works in the future. Keep it up, DPG family!






Oh cool. Happy that you’re adding more pure fierce


if this hybrid is alanky or dimodact then thats good.
its been far too long


Nani!? Is this Ludia!?


Arctovassilas nerf pls


Ah… poop


If the Boost Tokens are consumables, will there be a limit on the number we can have in inventory?


@E.D Excellent work on the Community Update! This is truly what we would like to see more of as the Community, so please keep it up at this pace! Do you maybe have an indication as to how often this type of Community Update will happen?


Who are you and what did you do with Ludia?


1 thing: If you want to make the boost system sustainable with these tokens, don’t make them exclusive. Limiting them does nothing to alleviate the problem.


So I gotta wait until March to even think about changing my team? Fantastic


Excellent job! I hope this becomes a monthly update or bi-monthly, keep us informed and the community will be happy

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E.D hacked ludia!!! And they are the new owner!!!


Boosts tokens may be a great idea but why not a final Boost reset?


I love this. Especially the road map sharing, the q and a, and the honest transparency. THANK YOU


While I am definitely excited at the fact that there will be more pure fierces, I am a bit worried at how these tokens will be distributed. I get you want to limit the availability of these tokens which makes sense but “special events” doesn’t narrow it down at all. Will it be in the chase events. Or the shop? Who knows


No. Its by far the hardest creature in the game to unlock and it should be crazy strong


2 amazing upcoming updates in at most 2 months? Creatures people have wanted for months and even years? New info on boost tokens? My art getting featured?

This made my day, and is the most excited I’ve been about JWA news in such a long time. I hope everyone else is just as hyped as I am!


Holy moly, I’m I dreaming or what, this is super big, Good job Ludia

Just one question

Can we get arthropods In the game already?

You already add Cenozoic and Permian creatures into the game


Already though… :woozy_face:

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