[News] Jurassic World Alive | Community Update - July 2022

It’s that time of year again DPG members…our third Community Update!

Here’s a glimpse of what we have in store in the upcoming weeks:


We are pumped to reveal some exciting items to look forward to in the third quarter of this year.

The highlights listed below are only a part of what’s to come in the game. There will be, of course, additional events and items closer to releases.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All content listed in the Roadmap is not final and subject to change if necessary.

General notes for this Quarter

  • Update 2.17 is on its way! If you haven’t checked out the Release Notes yet, you can take a look HERE!

  • We asked and you answered! Thank you to all who participated in our recent Favored Features & Creatures poll. We enjoy having your input in the game and will continue to get your votes for future Jurassic World Alive events. Stay tuned. We will be announcing the results soon!

  • New creatures:

    • This summer, we will continue to showcase some dinosaurs from the Dominion movie. In total:
      • 13 new creatures are coming in Q3
      • 3 of them will be Uniques
      • 2 of them will be Apexes, which include one of the creatures you voted for during the community choice organized this year. The other will be a raid boss.
    • We heard your feedback about the flocks being distributed a lot this year, but at the same time, our intention is to give hybrids and end-game content to the new families we introduced recently. So you will continue to get a few flocks by the end of the year but the number of flocks will decrease in Q4 in favor of larger creatures.
    • Meanwhile, the team continues to work on revamping old uniques to make them more satisfying to play with and competitive:
      • Diloracheirus, Tenontorex, Utarinex and Trykosaurus are the first to come. Diloracheirus was the least utilized creature so we decided it was the best timing to change its kit. We want to enforce its support aspect to make it as an alternative to Tuoramoloch and Parasauthops in raids, while enforcing its duellist capabilities for PVP. The meta changed a lot in favor of fierce creatures and we want to make this creature as a potential answer to the domination of fierce at high levels.
      • We want to keep the identity of the 3 others, but we will give an update to their current kit to make them more viable in a competitive environment with the addition of a few keywords like “devouring”.
    • We also identified that our inventory of creatures does not provide enough tools to counter the flocks in specific environments like Legendary Tournaments. We are experimenting on a few things on older families like the Sauropods. We will provide you with more insights if we succeed in finding the right design for those creatures.
  • Abilities:

    • Our team is working to make some of the new creatures more strategic and rewarding to use by giving them new behaviors like the berserk or “Alert Squall” abilities.
    • The “berserk’’ key-word is a “sacrifice” mechanic. This is basically a double-edge sword where your creature will take instant damage but gain the advantage of some extra effects or damage increase. This is something you can control but not using such an ability can also keep you at a disadvantage. So you must think about your next turns or your creature will not survive long enough. So far, only the Dodo family have such a move and we want to give it to specific creatures that can fit with this new behavior
    • “Alert Squall” is a new concept of ability we will give to Pteranokyrie. This ability will give you more control on the battlefield and the match up. Using “Alert Squall ‘’ will force the opponent creature to swap out, enabling you to change for a more favorable matchup…if you are lucky ! As you read, this is again a high risk / high reward mechanic. Fortunately the move will give you an interesting boost, depending on your HP situation to get ahead during the battle.
  • Additional raids:

    • 3 new raids will be released during this quarter. We balanced the distribution to provide content to everybody, so the following rarities will be covered to help a larger pool of players to enjoy this social feature:
      • 1 Rare
      • 1 Unique
      • 1 Apex

Inquiry Incubator


Welcome to the Inquiry Incubator section!

Here’s where we answer some of the questions asked from you, our Jurassic World Alive community!

Note: We will always do our best to answer as many questions as we can. Please be aware that some questions are part of a larger topic and require more time to discuss before sharing any information. That being said, here are some excellent questions we received from you!

  • Are there any plans to add other types of Creatures (e.g., Aquatic, insects) in the future?

    • Our team is exploring different ways to implement new families into the game. Though we’re still in the early stages, expect to see a few insects in the near future!
  • Creature Tracking would be great to help players find specific creatures. Would you consider adding this feature in the future?

    • Creature Tracking was part of our “Favored Features & Creatures” poll that we ran last May. Stay tuned as we plan to share the results soon!
  • Are there any plans to add new Arenas to the game?

    • Our team is exploring that possibility internally, but nothing confirmed at the moment.
  • The Auto Join and Auto Fill options were great additions to Raid Matchmaking. However, can we expect solo Raids in the future?

    • We’re happy that the community positively welcomed these options! We introduced Raid as a feature where the players can cooperate and interact with each other. Thus, we would like to remain with our initial vision for the moment.

Community Corner

Welcome to the Community Corner! In this section, we highlight the amazing different types of creative content that you share with the Jurassic World.

The theme for this edition is - Fan Art.

Check out the awesome artwork of these fantastic DPG members below.









Old age Centipedes reading this : it’s showtime


Is community 1# voted creature the most voted apex from the polls?


Congrats to everyone who got their artwork featured!


We want to know what Alert Scramble is :exploding_head:

I hope the apex from the poll added will be Geminideus


Insects sound pretty cool but they aren’t anything new
We already have plenty of bugs!


I still believe Ludia is perfectly balancing the time with making albertocevia raid boss and nerfing it badly the next update :slight_smile:


Cool stuff👍. Would love to see some sort of prehistoric frog added to the game, would definitely get it to level 30 if it was an epic lol🐸


Please no Albertocevia raid boss we already have Parasauthops



Even though we have auto-fill for raids, I still want solo raids because the auto-fill is sometimes not reliable, you can definitely use them for rare and epic, maybe legendary but they are not reliable for unique and apex raids, and like I said you shouldn’t have to rely on others to get apexes.
Hope to see some interesting stuff in 2.17 and 2.18, maybe I can find my love for this game again, hopefully.
I don’t mean to be a party pooper here… but when can we expect 3.0?


Wdym? What do u mean?

Cant wait going to be awesome

Update 2.18?if so then Same

Buff Megalosuchus.


I Agree
10 chars

If tthere’s Immunity, there should also be Immunityn’t :ok_hand:


So confirms only one 1 winner. Well as long as we don’t get any other apex for the animation that doesn’t win the othere might still drop