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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cooperative Battle Mode

Happy Friday DPG Members,

Over the last few weeks we’ve shared the creature families that will be introduced with the arrival of our new cooperative battle mode in the upcoming update 2.0. We’re truly overjoyed by your excitement and eagerness!

To add to your preparation, we’d like to share a little sneak peek with you!

Spot Bosses on the map! While playing, keep your eyes peeled for a Boss to appear. Once you see it, tap on it to start a lobby. Nearby players can join public lobbies, and you can invite your Friends and Alliance members too!! Once that’s in order, start the fight and take down the Boss!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the sneak peek and are ready to play the new upcoming feature!
To continue preparing for the upcoming battle mode in the meantime, keep playing daily and make sure to practice in the Campaigns.

Enjoy your weekend!


That still doesn’t answer the most important question:
Will the modifications for co-op affect arena? For example the stegosauridae family: will the counters be turned into decelerating counter for Miragaia and Carnotarkus even in the regular arena?


Update 2.0?!?! :eyes:


Sound like fun. I’m in :slight_smile:


I have a strong feeling the big changes will only be co-op related!


All of this is fine and dandy but you guys left out a lot of creatures. What about the Ceratopsians, the raptors and the Pterosaurs? Same thing with the two Indoraptors, Purutaurus and Purrolyth.

I hope so. Because I don’t want to retire my spiky cow, just as I’m halfway to tier 20 health on her.


@E.D is this a typo or are you guys being legit about it being 2.0?

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When Ludia saw my “Plot twist: they release 1.6 instead of 1.5” and raise me 2.0 version.


Raids mean hype for me.
That’s exactly what the game needs, more action.

Let’s hope the boost reset and the nerf/buffs don’t mess it up.


Lol they’re calling it raid too


Finally some update news! Thank you so much :grin::grin:
Let them RAIDS come, baby :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Thank you for the update news!

After we defeat it do we get to catch it with allotted DinoBalls?

Maybe throw Dino berries at it to make it easier to catch or get extra DNA?

Can they be shiny?


How much will the raid passes cost?

Let’s be honest. They won’t be free.


No I think you’ll get an inc for that creature

We didn’t have a release note … but we received this marvel! Great, I was anxious and now I am more … 2.0? that was the last thing I thought about hearing from this game! :eyes:

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whispers “Stop looking at the view and notice the Entelodon running around the China Shop”.

Look at family changes such as Area Deceleration and wonder the implications on being shown a Single Boss fight.

So is it gonna be like pokemon go where only people around me who are also playing jwa will join me

You can get alliance members and JWA friends to help.

Essentially get yourself in trouble, beg for help.