[News] Jurassic World Alive | Creature Migration


Our ecologist team at the DPG has noticed a change in the behavioral pattern of certain dinosaurs. It seems that some creatures are now appearing more frequently than they used to.

As new members of the DPG, we hope you can help us identify and catalog which creatures are being affected and where these new migrational patterns are taking them! If you notice any changes, please share the knowledge and any other creature observation in the comment below!

Stay tuned, later this month we expect to see even greater changes in creature migrations as the season progresses!

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Has Kaprosuchus changed biomes?
Why there aren't new events about Baryonyx, Rexy o Blue?


I’ve noticed that I get alot of the same dinosaurs appearing instead of varied… Majungasaurus, sarcosuchos, stegasaurus, einiosaurus

That’s all I get I used to get tyrannosaurus rex, raptors, concavenator, suchomimus and Baryonyx but never get them in my area anymore


You never got concavenator its not be in the wild before now lol


That sounds about right…
I usually find a group of the same dinos if they are close.


I’ll write the common ones first then the rares. Since epic I rarely see much around my neighborhood (other than from events ofc):

Common rarity:
Most common: Einiosaurus, Sarcosuchus, Nundasuchus, Majungasaurus, Euplocephalus, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Diplocaulus, Tarbosaurus, Velociraptor, Monolophosaurus G2, Tanycolagreus
Not really common: Dimetrodon G2, Parasaurolophus, Suchomimus, Ophiacodon, Ankylosaurus G2, Triceratops G2, Iguanodon, Apatosaurus, Diliphosaurus, Lythronax,
The rest of the dinos I haven’t mentioned that has common rarity are quite rare or haven’t seen them other than from battle incubators

Rare rarity:
Most common: Megalosaurus, Dimetrodon, Utahraptor, Gorgosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Koolasuchus G2, Diplocaulus G2, Triceratops, Tenontosaurus
Not really common: Kaprosuchus, Dilophosaurus
The rest of the dinos I haven’t mentioned that has rare rarity are quite harder to find or haven’t seen them other than from battle incubators


I have seen more rare dimetrodons around and today I saw the raptor Echo, I never seen one of the pack before in the wild, not sure if that’s normal :thinking:


Found a few Dinos I had never seen in the wild before today. Dracorex (rare), Dracorex gen 2 (common) and one that really excites me…Delta! I hope Blue and the rest of the pack are roaming around as well, escorted by Postosuchus even! Maybe im hoping too much heh, but still excited to see one of the raptor pack standing on the corner!


Does this mean Blue is out in the wild


Have to disagree, dinosaurs like Tanycolagreus, Diplocaulus or Megalosaurus are most rare in my area … while things like Ankylo G2 or Ophiacodon spawn all the time.


Others have been saying they are finding the pack out in the wild, except blue. Going hunting soon so I don’t know yet but I’m hopeful.


Blue is just more rare, because she’s Epic.

But now all released Commons/Rares/Epics are possible spawns in the wild.


Hmm, I’ll have to pay closer attention, but all I see are:
Dilophosaurus Gen2
Trike Gen2
Dimetrodon Gen2
Diplo…finless Dimetrodon
The Amphobian Line
Ankylosaurus Gen2 (the blue one)

I’m lucky to see:

And the rest I either never see or only get from Arena Incubators. But one thing I’d like to know is how the Dinos will handle winter.


DPG wildlife observatory report
Dalek62771 (Conservation Area Ranger)
BWGKY South Central Region
21:25:00 CST (+6 GMT)

To: Claire, Owen
Re: Recent population density shift and migration pattern change is climatalogic in nature

Sarcos, ophies, dilos and paras have pretty much all become “pest” dinos in my area, far outnumbering any other species.

So far, I have only seen 2 apatosaurus, and 2 suchomimus. Those should be more common, really.

More Tanycolagreus here, please!

(Hypothesis: it is a distinct possibility that the sudden mass increase in swamp/wetlands type animals in parts of the local conservation region might be caused by the heat dome over much of the country. 106 degrees, with relative humidity of 98%… yeah, that’s conducive to croc and salamander population explosions.)

I expect that once we get a cold front to even the temps and break the heat wave, we could possibly start to see herds of certain types coming back.

Of course, until it happens there’s no way to reliably predict what different species will do. Right now there’s an imbalance caused by severe environmental change. As that change reverses to yearly norms, populations’ migratory patterns might go back to normal in the midwest and mid-atlantic states.

End Report


Dinosaur biography rewards

I’ve noticed more stegosaurus in my area which is cool but I never seem to run into a lot of the supposed commons. Only stegosaurus einosaurus, nundasuchus, sarchosuchus, and Majungasaurus. Though I’m getting less and less Majungasaurus as the stegos grow in number


I’m getting the same dinos. Majunga, enio, stego, and tany


Havent seen any kaprosuchus in 4 weeks and I cant up my Gorgosuchus because of that. All I see are Ankylosaurus gen2 , sarcosuchus, velociraptor, stegosaurus, Einiosaurus, Majungosaurus and nundasuchus (granted, the last two have allowed me to up my Majundasuchus to 17 almost already).

Rare dinos showing up tend to be Diplocaulus gen 2, Dimetrodon, Gorgosaurus and Utahraptor. Very rarely anything else in my case.

I live in Wellington,NZ


Kaprosuchus is more like an evening spawn, I have a few a day usually.


I’ve noticed stegosaurus Eninosaurus nudasuchus Deinocheirus sarosuchus and euoplocephalus are more common in the day where are live I see the odd other dinosaurs too. At night I mostly see Velociraptor and Majungasaurus I haven’t seen a lot of t rex’s In my area


You know what would really help ? A longer Nighttime. Like a 12Hr split.

Give a chance for catching night creatures for people with y’know, jobs and kids you can’t go out late hunting dinosaurs.