[News] Jurassic World Alive | Creature of the Month Edits

Hello fellow DPG members,

Please note that the Creature of the Month change in the Daily Missions reward from Ouranosaurus to Pachycephalosaurus will occur tomorrow (07/03) morning at 10 AM EDT.

This change is reflected in the event’s forum page here.


On the one hand, yay, one more day of ourano, on the other hand, one more hectic morning rushing the missions before it changes :expressionless:


@Jorge Anything about change in the rewards of the alliance? Everyone is asking about this but I did not see anyone answering anything.


Please change the Alliance rewards it is getting ridiculous


Why do you keep providing us with blatant false/misleading information? @Jorge

If I complete the Daisy missions before the change and get DNA for the ouranosauros Will i still get a chance for pachy or should i wait for the change to occur?

Waiting would be the best thing to do. I believe you can complete the missions and just wait on collecting the DNA until it switches.

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Like on the real. I have a little over 4.4k Sino DNA, but I seriously would like something else to hoard. Bary G2 or Weurherusaurus or even Rare Triceratops. Like i love the Sino, but jebuz I want something else. Pleeeeease?

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