[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cutest Creature Poll


Hello fellow DPG members! We’re looking ahead to the holidays and we’d like for the community to help us pick out Jurassic World Alive’s cutest creatures!

Follow the link below to partake!
Poll :point_right: https://ludia.gg/JWA18_CutePoll


You realise you got Parasaurolophus on there twice???


Clicked on it on my phone and couldn’t select anything - exited but now its gone from the mailbox :frowning:


Amazingly, the cutest dinos on there were all epics or higher! :grin:




Choose wisely, as we will most likely see these dinos during a Christmas event.


Might even be Thanksgiving?


Thanks @David_Courtney … I’ve always said that Sinocerotops is just the cutest :rofl:


Please~ we know Sinocera is cute.
Especially when she knock out that Carnotaurus in the movie, awwwww~

Also Dimetrodon (not gen 2) and Parasauro must be very cute.:heart_eyes:


Sinoceratops is actually cute tho


does anyone agree that Dimetrodon is by far the cutest Rare? :wink:


Sinoceratops will also win Easter, spring, summer, Halloween next year. Whatever ugliest prettiest funniest most like a pirate.

It’s amazing really.


Cutest honorable mention; Ouranosaurus


Thats what influnced my responses. Not cute, but the ones i wanted to see on the map :smile:


Please, for the love of God, vote for Erlikosaurus.


sino everyone, remember the scary dinos…we will see these dino somewhere during an event


Um, does nobody think that Diplocalus is cute? I leveled her up to level 10 in my noob weeks, and she did her job back in the shipyard and Jungle.

I think she is adorable; I’d legit keep her as a pet if I had a mini swamp for her :heart_eyes::wink:


My Ankylocodon wasn’t on the list.
I’m triggered


Amazingly, the cutest creatures are those I really need DNA for! What a great coincidence!


End up i didnt vote for the cutest. I end up vote for the DNA that i want!:rofl:
…which is coincidentally also among the cutest🤔

**hint hint