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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Daily Missions


Hello fellow DPG members,

Daily Missions are tasks you can complete daily to earn rewards:

  • To view your Daily Missions, tap on the DPG logo in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • All DPG Members start their mission career with easy goals. Keep completing them and you’ll rank up quick, and gain more rewards for your effort.
  • Your list of missions can vary every day. As you progress, you can even get more missions per day.
  • You’ll have 24 hours to complete your missions. Uncompleted missions have their progression reset every day.
  • Missions can relate to many activities in the game. A well-rounded player can complete them all.

[NEW] Daily Bonus Reward

Each completed mission also gives progress towards your Daily Bonus Reward. If you complete all Daily Missions, you will also get the Daily Bonus Reward which is listed on the Daily Missions screen.

Over time, you’ll notice that the Daily Bonus Reward increases with the number of Missions and the Difficulty. Be quick though as progress towards your Daily Bonus Reward is reset every 24 hours. The Daily Bonus Reward will change every once in a while so keep checking for some surprises!

Make 12/24hr incubators count extra for daily missions

Thanks a lot!
Could you please tell us also if incubators from Strike Towers will count for the daily missions? Cause, so far, the one not easy to achieve is opening more than 10 incubators per day, without spending cash to speed them up.
Thanks in advance for the clarification. :slight_smile:


They dont, I tested this yesterday. It wouldve been nice but sadly no


Sorry for my english, I was asking if strike tower incubators will count in a near future. :slight_smile:


That’s cool feature and I like it (but not alanqa DNA, I hope it will be rotated soon).
And it would be great if you fix strike event incubators to be counted toward daily missions.


Incubator missions soon get impossible (you either need to not sleep or use green bucks to speed up incubators)


sleep is for the weak :smiley: but I would not stay up all night for some alanqa dna maybe for some sexy rexy dna :smiley:


@Jorge is the reward going to remain Alanqa permanently? Was hoping to see a new one here the start of this week. Also, is anyone addressing the issue of the # of incubators required impossible to achieve each day w/out spending more money that we receive? I love the idea of the daily reward; just two things that I think are going to hold most people back.


My problem is the 16 battles + 1 frendly.


I’m supposed to do 23 today. Bleh.


For me, it’s gonna take an eternity, I have to do 28 battles and 2 freindly challenges… :rage::rage:


Wow, ok, I guess I don’t deserve to whine.


That’s a bit much!


Fortunately strike tower counts for battle


I know… after doing all the strike events I’m at 7


After two weeks of this: I HATE MISSIONS and am now ignoring them. Direct hits is fine. Collect darts is fine, if you make sure to use up a bunch of darts, because it won’t count the ones you get if you’re at max. Play battles - oh good grief, 23 of them today?! I don’t have time for that! 5-10 minutes per battle is 115 to 230 minutes. :confused: Friendly challenges… oh friendly challenges are among the WORST. I typically open the game to them sitting at the top of my screen, already timed out and getting people to respond to them is awful. I get it. They’re dull battles. I hate doing them myself, but having a mission that depends on SOMEONE ELSE having time for it is kinda mean. Open supply drops - 40 … yes, I could do that… if I drive. :frowning: Collect DNA - that’s easy. Collect coins… easy… and for the icing on the cake, OPEN INCUBATORS. Today it’s 12, I’m at 5 of 12, because I popped open an incubator when I opened the game and it didn’t count due to the Alliance DNA spam which I see no reason for, popping up for ten minutes. :frowning: Lets see… I can get 3 incubators from the freebie and then one when I wake up, given the 2 - 3 hour, 1 15 min, 1 3hr, 1 8,12,24 hour sequence (May have swapped the 3 hour count, don’t care to look), I can get 2-3 15 minute ones a day so let’s say, 6 incubators before I have to get the 3 hour ones. I must get 6 3 hour incubators = 18 hours.If I get up at 6 am, I’ll open the last incubator at midnight or spend cash to open it. Doable, but then it just goes up from there and since tower incubators don’t count… I’m just not doing this anymore. OH wait, I’m minus one that should have counted… no, will not stay up until 3am for dna I do want.


Lol, well said Tiffany. I don’t pay any attention to them anymore either. Sure, 70 Alanqa DNA would be nice but not worth all the effort extra.


But you were never obligated to do them :rofl:

Guys, it’s FREE STUFF! Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


What good is free stuff if you can’t complete the missions, because they keep going up? However, I’ve noticed what f you don’t do them the amounts go down a little. Today 14 battles…last week it was 28 the one day. And seriously the “free stuff” is better than the final reward for completing all the missions especially if you don’t need it. Sorry guys I have a life outside this game.


That’s what I’m talking about, the coins and money. Even if you don’t go after the missions, you’ll eventually complete some of them exactly because they keep goind down… So, like I said, FREE STUFF!