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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Daily Missions


If you complete a mission, the goal will be higher tomorrow
If you don’t complete it, it will be lesser tomorrow
So for the most difficult for me is “opening x amount of incubators”
So now my strategy is:

  • knowing how daily missions works so that I will be ready if and when Alanqa will be replaced to anorher dino
  • not completing the difficult goals so that I will gain usefull dna if and when Alanqa will be replaced to anorher dino


I use Alankylo, but I don’t go desperately after the missions… And I still get the DNA every two or three days. I’m fine with that.


I am at the point where I have to do 29 battles in a day with a reward of 4 dollars LOL. Considering how hard it is to get battles and how long they last this is really a detriment to the quality of life. Can you guys consider not allowing the amount to get so high?


Trust me, as soon as it changes to erliko every1 will be spammong those incubators and battles :smiley:



Well since the daily reward started it hasn’t changed. Because you call it DAILY REWARD it should change daily or at the very least weekly to make it a little more exciting. Also putting coin or cash as a daily reward would be good, especially coin as Dino’s best real expensive to evolve.
Some people also mentioned rewards for distance walked GREAT IDEA to promote exercise. Also daily login rewards for catching Dino’s and opening incubators or doing battles would be a nice feature.


Exercise? People would drive around or take the bus more than ever :laughing:


Ihave to agree with you :blush: and unfortunately I will admit that I am guilty of playing it when I’m out driving as winter is here and it’s too darn cold out. Otherwise I’m walking a little or riding my adult trike which I love, spring, summer and fall. I play this and pokemon go with my grandson when we’re out riding around as gets him out of the house during the summer so lots of good exercise. I thought that was the original intent of these 2 games was to promote exercise LOL


I play the game on foot - with spawn rate low you need to cover a lot of miles to get a decent amount of DNA, it discourages exercise as you will achieve far more, in far less time, in a bus or car - and game has no speedlock (unlike pogo, ingress etc.) So further encourages car use


Come to think of it I will have agree with you as when I played during nice weather, was playing in about a 3-5 km radius and all Dino’s the same but when driving around city xmas shopping different Dino’s. Ludia Inc. could improve by rotating around areas weekly thus encouraging safety and physical motion for people who like to walk etc. Also giving walkers equal access to Dino’s in home area.


:smiley: I didn’t complete the missions and it still went up. :smiley: I really do hate this encouragement to drive around. :frowning: It’s kind of hypocritical of Ludia to annoy the crap out of us with their constant don’t play and drive popup, especially when it pops up while I’m sitting in a chair,… then give us things like massive amounts of supply drops to visit and special treasure boxes to open that are spread out over MILES. I don’t know about you, but I have half a dozen supply drops within walking distance of my home and maybe ONE treasure chest. :smiley:


I was wondering, why do the battles for the strike events count towards the battle total, but the incubators from the strike events don’t count towards the incubator totals.


Because you can get those without have to use hard cash (which Ludia wants you to waste spend real money on)


I experience the same with re: popups and treasure chests.


how do i get daily battle incubator missions ??


Edit: misread the question.


The battle incubator is the one at the top…fill it with 10 defeated Dino’s to open the “battle incubator”.


I agree with you. I have problems getting friendly battles daily. :frowning: