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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Damage Over Time (Diplocaulus Mayhem)


Hello DPG members,

That escaped Diplocaulus has caused more trouble than we had originally expected!

Currently, the text descriptions for Damage Over Time (DoT) abilities have been updated but the functionality of these moves has not been changed. Our team will be pushing a fix for the text later today (08/30/2018).

This being said, these changes to DoT abilities will, in fact, be implemented in the next update.

DoT moves have been buffed!

Wait, so how about Diloranosaurus?

Is this suddenly atk nerf in your plan?
You must not do that to any legendary hybrid!



Can you explain the issues a little bit? I am not entirely sure what this is? Are DoT doing more damage than expected? I did notice that some Dinosaurs have had their text changed to things like .33% of a targets max health.

So, in theory, if I put a bleed on a target with 3,000 health, it will deal 1,000 damage per turn?


Other stat changes that happened would be reverted you said, when will this happen?