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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Dart Boost


Hello fellow DPG members,

For most of you, winter is here, making it difficult to brave the cold to play outside. To help with the frightful weather, we are temporarily boosting the Free Incubator in the Shop menu:

  • Dart increased by 50%
  • Start date: December 17th
  • End date: February 4th

In addition, for a limited time, each time you open a Free Incubator, there is a chance you will receive one of these Scent Capsules:

  • Scent of Claws (Rare)
  • Big Scent Capsule

This started December 10th and will end on January 7th.

Thank you for playing!



I received a dart increase yesterday! What a nice surprise. But no Christmas gift :gift: for me today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow?