[News] Jurassic World Alive | Daylight Savings Issues

Hello DPG members!

Hope the weekend treated you well.

We’d like to let you know that we are actively investigating the following issues that occurred as a result of Daylight Savings:

Daily Login Calendar:
If the Daily Login Calendar is appearing but you are unable to collect the reward, this should be resolved by the following day’s reset. If after tomorrow’s reset the issue remains, please contact our support team.

Daily Mission Rewards:
If your Daily Missions were reset mid-way we do apologize for the inconvenience. The following day’s reset should be correct. If you require additional assistance, please reach out to our support team.

Alliance Mission Rewards:
We are currently actively looking to identify the players that were impacted by the Alliance Mission reward reset.
Contacting support to self-identify is currently not required.

We ask that players please remain patient and rest assured this thread will be updated with the progress of the investigation.

Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE: November 9th, 2021

Hello again,

Our awesome team has identified the players that were impacted for the Alliance Mission issues!

In-game mails containing compensation have been sent as of November 9th, 2021 at 10:00 AM ET. These mails will expire within 7 days.

If by November 16th, 2021 you have not received your mails, please contact our support team with your Support Key included.

Thank you all.


DST is constantly an issue. I don’t think a single one has gone smoothly.


Thanks for looking into these.


DST continues to mess with our sleep and our game!


Before Daychange I had no problem with daily kalender.
Since Daychange I have.
Good solving ludia …

This is unacceptable, compensate everyone!

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St. Patrick no problem
Christmas no problem
New year no problem
Chinese New Year no problem
Valentine’s Day no problem
World let’s shake hands day no problem

Twice a year DLS…… oops :woman_facepalming:t3::rofl:


@admins I guess all of you are familiar with the Alliance mission, daily mission and strike towers rewards not getting issue. So please fix them as early as possible and where is our November update ?

I couldn’t get my weekly mission rewards, is it because of day light savings?

Daily Mission Rewards:
If your Daily Missions were reset mid-way we do apologize for the inconvenience. The following day’s reset should be correct.

LOL So basically, if you’re screwed out of your daily missions, then oh well *shrug


Yeah lol :joy::joy:

Ok thanks for checking that out @E.D

Hello. Why can’t we get the weekly rewards from our Alliance called - HuevosDino -?
We worked hard to raise the rewards and in the end they weren’t delivered.
I hope it is your mistake and that soon they will give us the rewards for which we play many hours.
I would like you to answer me, because if there were changes in the weekly rewards, many of us will stop participating in this game.

daylight savings bugged the rewards, they said they will compensate us but whether we have to reach out to support to get our rewards right now remains unknown

Thank you very much for your answer

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Am not sure, why this comment is marked as ignored. To me, it appears as a constructive criticism, and not a sarcastic one.

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Because ‘the community.’

There’s no mention here of the mission reset being offset by an hour later now.

It’s always been 10pm in the winter and 11pm in the summer in my time zone, but now it’s 11pm in the winter? Ugh.

Super disappointed with this change throwing off my schedule (and probably everyone else’s)

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Oh wow… I see why you denied my customer service rights… You are clearly dealing with bigger, yet more simple problems. Disappointed like everyone else… Really was hoping you’d be better than this…


anyone else rewards disappeared this week before you could claim?