[News] Jurassic World Alive | Daylight Savings Time (Fall 2020)

Happy Friday DPG members!

As some of you may know Daylight Savings Time will be in effect as of this Sunday November 1st, however only for certain countries.

We’d like to inform you that the time change will not affect the start of our in-game events. They will continue to start at 10:00 AM ET.

Have a great and safe weekend!


1 quick question. does Canada participate in the upcoming daylight savings time? knowing for sure will help players plan out events and raids.

We in Poland already had a time change :laughing:


Here in Australia we have DST also so I assume it will apply here in game.

Also I never knew you were Polish, my dad is Polish…I mean he was born in Aussieland like me but both my grandparents were born and raised in Poland😊

I’d love to visit one day when the plague ends, but I can’t tolerate the cold😂

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Europe has whole week events end and start one hour earlier than usual due to DST.

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I will have it soon.

It’s amazing to know that! Out of curiosity, what are their names?

Right now it’s cold indeed but autumn there is still beatiful!
But if cold temperature is really a big problem, I suggest visiting Poland during summer. It’s really hot, believe me.

Ofc during Polish summer not Australian one xD

I am from in New York

Nan’s name was Irena and Pop was Konstanty, though called Con for short.

Oh and I just noticed that when I search my surname in Google in literally the 2nd result haha😂


In polish it’s “Nagiełło” right?

No idea I was never taught Polish sadly🥺

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A fun fact, it probably was Nagiełło but got changed because of english language. It would probably be a bit difficult to say (type it in polish google translator and check how it’s spelled), but still easy compared to my surname, Żaczkiewicz lol.

We both have one of the few Polish surnames that don’t end with ‘ski’ heh


While “ski” is the most popular, “icz” is the 2nd one. My surname is not that unique :). Yours is tho

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Now Thailand is winter

You saw lucky to winner in the this game

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Yes we do have DST.

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Ditto to what Ecstaticgiraffe said, our location rolled back one hour. It gets dark at like 4:00 pm now :persevere:


Right how. Over there on the long lsland the time is 11:30pm and yes it is really dark over there in dix hills