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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Dino Battle Balancing Survey

I was finally able to access the survey today. Better late than never I guess.

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Are you though? Are you really surprised?

If they can skew the results to be in their self-interest (increasing sales) I can imagine they will implement something and say it was demanded by the players in a fair and balanced process. And really, who is going to be able to call them out on it?

I am also unconvinced they care about any grievances that pop up here. We are a very small percentage of the player population. The moderators have already said that the developers don’t come here. And the open letter from GamePress? A valiant effort that kind of fell flat as I recall.

If anything this forum might just be considered group therapy.

The good news is I filled out the survey 400 times. IG2 should now be getting super invincibility and will be wearing a cape from here on out (and yes, holding bags of cash). Draco will unfortunately only have one move left. It’s called Sorrowful Swap. He will switch in and cry with the hope that the opponent will feel sorry for how badly he has been nerfed and forfeit the match.


That’s actually sadly true

I was actually disheartened when it came out about how the devs dont visit because we are “toxic”…what do they expect? They created a sewer system of a mismanaged game and wonder why players get contaminated?

If we are toxic, their company is radioactive.


Oh look still doesn’t work!

@E.D @J.C @Ned @Ludia_Developers Why are you ignoring your customers? Do you honestly think it is ok to treat us like this and ignore this issue? It’s a simple poll, how can it not be fixed pronto?

Survey has ended - they got over 23000 replies to it. For context, there are currently 38000 ish people on the forums, and though a lot of you are here for Alive those numbers reflect the total forums population (Titans, JWTG, Waterdeep, etc).

How many of those votes are double or triple votes? Many of us that participated in every survey so far didn’t got a chance of participating in this one. There were also reports of multiple votes from some players.

Based on screenshots, survey was also badly designed. For Ardentismaxima was no good option. Basically nothing from suggested will solve main problem that can two shot any chomper that don’t have armor.

Right and what about those of us players that couldn’t get the survey to work?

Where is my reply to it? Where is my thoughts counted in the votes?

You are saying that Ludia don’t care about those that had issues with the poll, so screw them and whatever they think, we’ll go ahead with the results regardless?

Is that honestly what you are saying?

Does my vote NOT count???

They are also looking at forums discussions and analytics guys, the survey is one of many tools they are using.

Will we get any news when you guys decide on a solution

I honestly don’t know, I will continue to pass along what I can though.


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So now the survey is able to tell me that it has ended, but never was able to show me the questions… Shame really.


I dont think anything was meant to come of it, if it was they wouldnt have further unbalanced the arena with 10 days (and counting) of boost sales.


Heyo any news like any cause it’s been a while

It’s like a fluffy winged bunny.

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Stats update been almost what three weeks and absolutely nothing in news, updates, or anything so the survey was for nothing :clap: nice


The results will be revealed in the 1.12 patchnotes, most likely.

Lol still would an update or like edit have killed them to do like we have decided on this and this, as wel as this see you in update 1.12

Like even we can do that too our posts especially that fact we been waiting since the og patch notes which were like 3 weeks ago