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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Dino Battle Balancing Survey

I was able to complete mine about a hour ago

Ohhhhh yes I did! >:) it’s revenge for the superior monomimus.

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What was different for the ones who completed the survey? Location? Or luck?



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Like 10 months later!
And 10 months where players spent a lot of boosts…

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If I remember correctly, there was a lot of good stuff in this topic aswell:

This could also be a good topic:

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Everytime they mention stat boost “budgets” it shows how absurdly out of touch they are. We have to sacrifice 3.5 days for every boost we refund. That is obscene. We cannot customize or experiment without getting very far behind. It will take years to boost a full team even if we don’t refund anything. They need to let us refund without costing 3.5 days or $5 per refund. It is absurd that anyone can defend this.

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Dig in might work for it if they really want to change it. The high damage ability would require upping Draco’s speed to make it viable. So I’m torn between Status Quo and Dig In.

They are happy to scam everyone who spent boosts. That is why the system let’s you refund at all, so they can nerf things, force us to refund, and have to give them hundreds of dollars if you want to catch back up.

Dig-in on DC would be too powerful!!

If the health already are 4000 and with a shield it becomes 8000…

As I see it, the opponent should be able to 100% Kill the DC after the swap-in.

To see DC jumping back and forth :end:


Then I guess status quo. It’s already nerfed enough for Erlidom to take it out, maybe Erlikospyx could beat it too if it doesn’t go T20 on HP.
I’d only vote for the high damage attack if they’d give it higher speed. So might as well just leave it as it is now. Though I can’t vote anyway, survey won’t show up.
And while Cleansing would be the only thing to stop it from regenerating, that’s pretty much Kapro’s thing. I’d rather it be given to Draco’s unique to keep it from being too OP while having a good kit and possibly swap in damaging move.

I picked status quo and a good offensive move, i though about dig in as an option, but then dinos like erlidom, spyx won’t be able to counter It anymore. Other than that i just chose the status quo in all the other options. Not trying to make it useless, even If I’m not using It.

So you can pick more than 1 for it? Then I guess status quo and good offensive move might work as long as it’s not something like Phorusaura’s instant rampage. Please don’t, Ludia.


I’d like DC to get something like “Impact and Run” or something instead of Regeneration/another cleanse ability - but that’s just me.

As for the swap in Ik it doesn’t make sense but I went for bleed cause I think that’s the most balanced way they can do it if they want a finisher/fighter

Could be like cleanse and run but I think it would need a one or two turn cool down

Yes you can pick more than one. It helps If your favorite doesn’t end up being the most voted, you can settle for second favorite If you’re lucky. So i chose speed control tank and anti tank.

I feel like it really shouldn’t have any cleansing ability so it can’t abuse it’s swap in (again) but that’s just me.


Ya that’s true

Aaarghh! :angry: Mean! :crazy_face:

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