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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Dino Battle Balancing Survey

I mean they waited like what a week to see what people think soo I guess it makes a bit of sense but hopefully mostly everyone at least made the dinos balanced oh boi did I destroy proRAT :smiling_imp::joy:

But don’t destroy my namesake!:weary:

DC better get swap in wound and have it’s regeneration’s cleanse removed.

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This is due to engagement, the bulk of folks will reply within 24 hours. If you need proof, look at how many of you guys got the error message on the survey page and reported it (they are still trying to figure out the error).

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Oh. Ok thanks! That makes more sense, but I still would’ve expected it to be a little longer.

Here’s what happened. A couple of people answered the survey…Ludia got the answers they wanted to see…They pulled it down. Survey complete. No changes will be made. Oh except the Rat will be restored to it’s pre-nerf stage.

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Didn’t work on Chrome on my mobile device, so I tried Firefox on the desktop computer. Same problem.

The real question is - will we be getting another mid major patch balancing update in January?


I can’t do the survey either in game, or here.

Still not working

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Still not workin.

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Obviously lydia doesnt know much about technology when they say a “server based error” is the fault of the browser. Fix your stuff, if you cant run a simple survey that anyone ever can do then how can you run a game…just saying


@E.D @J.C @Ludia_Developers

Please forward this possible option for speed ties to the devs…

Speed tie would go to whichever dino gets to the arena floor first, whether that’s from already being there after taking out a dino, or being selected first at the start of the match

hopefully they see by how many people are trying to get in here how bad their changes were

Hopefully this survey will be up for a while after they get it working so we can get on? Could always farm it out to SurveyMonkey or something perhaps.

Unless that is the entire plan!!

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nerf the same dino twice in a row, what are you doing ludia? refund my boosts on it 100%!!!

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They better increase the data collection time due to this fiasco.


I was able to complete mine about a hour ago

Ohhhhh yes I did! >:) it’s revenge for the superior monomimus.

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What was different for the ones who completed the survey? Location? Or luck?