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[News] Jurassic World Alive - End of Support for iOS 10 and Below


Attention Fellow DPG Members!

Please be informed that we are increasing our minimum supported iOS version to 11 and will cease support for older iOS (10 and below) effective October 20th.

While we continue to focus on optimizing and developing new features for the game, we highly encourage all our players to update their operating system or log into their game on a supported device so they can continue playing the game.

If you are currently playing on an iOS device running 10 or below, you can contact our support staff at with your Support Key to transfer your Guest account to a supported device!

Thank you,

The Jurassic World Alive Team

Does this mean iPhone 9 and under won’t be able to play?

Hold up, does this mean iPhone SE isn’t supported anymore?

Or does this refer to the software on the phone?

pretty sure it’s the phone software. so if your phone can still run iso 11 or greater you’ll be fine.


It refers to the operating system I think

Oh ok I just didn’t want it have to upgrade right after I did a month ago

Won’t this just make the game unusable for a ton of players?

Meh your business model😕


That clearly indicates the device below iPhone 11 will no longer be supported, so it is not just software.

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The wording is a bit off, but they are talking about the iOS version. I believe Apple just released iOS 14 not too long ago, so only supporting iOS 11 and up is a bit surprising.

Just did a search, this is a list of all iPhone models that can run iOS 11 or newer.


@Eugene @Ned can u clarify what this means is it operating system or device or both???


Is this like only the Iphone 11 and above or only the software ios 11 and above? the wording is too confusing.

They just say older Iphone devices and the 10 and below could mean they are only able to run ios 10 and below but if you’re right i’m going to be beyond annoyed

Well it should have been a simple announcement, it’s not difficult to state exact what they mean, but i’m not surprised their comms are yet again confusing.


ugh why can’t they just state things clearly like say whether they mean software ios 11 and up or iphone 11 and up because one’s a free update and the other is a nearly $1000 phone. can one of the devs just please clarify so i can stop panicking

@Ned and @Eugene please clarify

This is specific to iOS. If your device can run iOS version 11 and above, then you will be good!


thank you!!!