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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Epic Occasion 2021

Gold onto your hats for this upcoming event! :star:

Between April 26th to May 2nd, prepare to shine bright as gold with exciting events and offers featuring Epic creatures! :yellow_heart:

Test your battle skills in the Trial by going in with creatures that are Fierce, Cunning and Resilient.

Don’t forget to open Coin Chase boxes every hour and collect up to 25,000 coins!

Have a golden weekend DPG members! :sparkles:


by featuring epics, do you mean that instead of commons and rares for the beginning days, it’ll be a set of epics for those days?

(yes i read gamepress’s article, just trying to confirm if the event is epic only.)


An epic-rank-only week should be interesting.

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Can’t wait to be trolled with WR

So there will be minimal amount of green supply drops and 1 treasure chest per town. Perfect.


It would be totally awesome if for the week, those Epics were available to catch in the Wild. That would give this game a much needed shot in the arm, that it desperately needs


I get it
:laughing: :

Where the new creatures for 2.7?

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nobody confirmed that they would be released today

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Oh cool! Excited to see what this event entails.

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Golden snake dna, all mine!!!


so next week is just all epics and collecting treasure chest

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Disappointing stuff: No kentro, that Megisto epic creature

Great parts: Titanoboa, all epics

Pre rating: 9


I mean its not that bad, bound to get a hybrid eventually, like tsintao


Yes I agree with hybrid but it pops up everywhere and annoys me easily.
Heck will anyone every dart it. No because its the easiest epic to catch

(Not being rude)

I do have my fingers crossed for a hybrid (Hopefully with apatosaurus)

Except it’s Andrewsarchus but worse


Another portion of free unlimited boosts?

yeah, but this ones an epic that can possibly have a unique hybrid

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In before all the exclusive epics will be featured on the same day, forcing you to choose, making the event eh.
But Ludia could be nice for once.

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Is there a holiday next week? All these special weeks coming one after another … most peculiar.