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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Epic Occasion 2021

Probably Jurassic world camp Cretaceous or something

Plz sinocertops and Dakotarapter in this week


Sinoceratops is the Monday Raid boss every week, you can get Sino DNA then or if you are in a local 1 zone you can run an Epic or Giga Scent and hope you are lucky

(As for Dakotaraptor, it spawns in Local 2 at night)

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Wait what creatures will be in the small and medium incubators I’m guessing gen 2

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Epic is epic!

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Ludia! What have you done!!
I like it!

so do we have a full week of coin chases or no. It said we will have but in the picture it showed only sunday, huh

And how much do you have?

Like 1000 Dna because it pops up everywhere

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That won’t be enough.

1000 dna is not gonna be anywhere close to enough for a future hybrid. you’ll need more. a lot more.


Nope because it’s more inaccurate promotion or them just forgetting what they promote.

But only on Sunday… is that correct? @E.D

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Any update on this @Ned @E.D @Sara ???

Ya, next update,they should do a catchup dino week, every dinosaur you do not have, is on the dino list


Waiting hours and hours for any response about the coin chase I see. Remember back in December when they promised better communication? I think they think we don’t.


I like seeing boa on the map again. It’s quite refreshing from all the usual. Missed seeing it. Feels like it’s been an eternity. Wish it had more than 6 attempts. That’s not a whole lot with the way they setup its darting. Probably hardest in the game to dart. Is quite trollish darting. But nice none the less.


Yes I also would have enjoyed more attempts, considering it kinda breaks the 1 epic to 3 attempt ratio thing and its one of the hardest things in the game to dart. Its definately nice to see it again, when was the last time it was in an event? under drops or as a weekly chase creature?

I don’t even recall last time snake was featured lol. They’re not the best at mixing it up. Boa needs a 12 attempt week to have a normal impact of dna because of its darting.