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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Epics on the Loose

Attention fellow DPG members!

Epic Creatures will be on the loose from August 5th to September 3rd! There will be an increase in Epic creature sightings all month - make the most of these long Summer days and pack a snack, it’s time to get out there to collect Epic DNA!


Great news! Hope it’s a decent increase.

Also why is this still unlisted?

Hope this is true always happier getting Epics than when I’m not.

Is it for real? Following the same rules of the different zones or just randomly?

Best regards,

no coins to evolve new epics and hybrids, no boosters to boost new epics and hybrids…

we need tons of free coins like 500k and free boosters like 2000 for each type

else what can we do with epics???

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There’s a new Treasure Chest today.

That’s hardly gonna help unless you can tap 1 every 15 minutes without fail whilst standing right on top of it. Others its barely any free coins you could scrape from behind a couch.


Now I’m not known for my positive attitude, but there are extra coins to be gathered this month and anyway, this favors only the players not Lydia, so kudos for this. Also like to complement the new scents. If it weren’t for boosts and matchmaking issues, I would be lyrical.


You got 15 minutes to open as much as you want.

In the last half hour I’ve racked up 5000 coins just from these new chests, while sitting in my house. If I can do it without going out, so can everyone. And when I get the chance to go out it’ll be even more.


Nope not me, since it was buggy, I restarted the game, it was fixed and now I hardly see any, and when I get one in my area I tap on it and ALL others disappear. They then reappear after 15 minutes, and when i tap on one they all disappear.


Nope, i’ve got 15 minutes to open 1, as the rest disappear.


compared with the 1.3 mn coins needed for one single dino, this snack doesn’t help much…

This is exactly what i’ve found in the last hour.


Agreed, but without effort it would not feel as an accomplishment to level these Dino’s. Leveling would be just as expensive without the extra treasure hunts and extra epic spawns, so enjoy the good parts of this addition :+1:.


It hasn’t been working like that for me so far. Unless they have done a soft update in the last half hour. When I get five minutes I’ll log on and take a look.

They changed it at around 11.
Fewer spawn now and one you open one all of the others that spawned for the 15 mins despawn.

On the JWA Discord, the one run by people at GamePress, everyone is saying the same as me. maybe the update is just taking a little time to cover everyone.

How can they have a bug fixed that costs them $$$ in a few hours, but other bugs persist for months through several updates? Weird.