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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Epics on the Loose

It has changed on mine. Shame. It was well worth it then. Now not so much.

Hopefully this will let me find more Grypo’s then


Hopefully there will be more erlikos around.


I’ve seen no epics so far, yay for more nothing! :+1:


Hahaha. Me neither! ;/

“on the loose” means they are everywhere randomly distribute or still according to their zone? anyway thanks ludia!:tada::heart:

Is it happening now? I was able to open 4 in 15 minutes.

I’ve seen a concav. I guess Grypo, but it was from the croc scent, so I guess it doesn’t count

If they gave out 6,000 free boosts to every player, the game would die. It would be no fun to play and everyone would quit spending money and playing and this would be a dead game. No one could win except for lvl 20 players and even then, only if fighting a much lower level player. Do you really want this game to end?

they give us free, better than they suck 25x80x500x3 HC from us… lol

btw, i only see one baryonyx after the Epic on the Lose…

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I saw a Spinosaurus, but when I got close it despawned. It really hurt me since I needed to dart one more to get it to 15.

Yes please I just want to find Grypo.

I am a huge gator/crocodile fan so Grypo is easily one of my favorites and I can’t ever find the thing. And when I do unlock its gonna be tough to get it up to around lvl 24 lol.

Funny that one of the dinos I want most is taking the longest to unlock…

An increase of 0 is still 0


Anyone seeing any increase yet? They should bump the percentage a little more. No epics today so far seems like the usual day.

And are they zoned or not…

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Its most likely increased they chance by a % or two which doesnt change a whole lot when the daily commons have close to a 50% chance to spawn.

I saw a Smilodon … but it was Monday and that’s a usual sight for me, so …

Used to like seeing smilodon. I knew it would get a hybrid. Little did I know smh.

Well I’ll go out again see if I see anything. They should make it an obvious change…

I see a Kentro right now (pretty far from my house). But that’s also normal for L4.

Hopefully I can get some more Smilodon out of it! And no, I’m not having that hideous hybrid on my team😂

It would actually be awesome if they gave like 1 million boosts to each player. This way, everyone would max out every creature and everyone would be in the same level (at least if the dino is same level), so same conditions to everyone. It would actually nullify the effects of such boosts. LOL.