[News] Jurassic World Alive | Error 121 (06/19)

Hello fellow DPG members,


A patch for this issue has been pushed and should now be mitigated.

Thank you all for your cooperation and if you encounter any further issues be sure to contact our Support team (email below).

We are investigating an issue currently being identified as Error 121 that is affecting certain players. If you are experiencing this issue, please do let us know the following:

  • Your Player Level
  • Your last Tournament participation
  • The last time you launched the App prior to the Error

Let us know in the forum thread or contact our Support team: support+alive@ludia.com

Thank you and be sure to stay tuned for more information.


I’m level 20, participated in the last tournament. Was in the game, got disconnected, couldn’t log back in.

Yes, participated.
Between 10/11am Eastern US time.

Can I get a boost reset because of this? :smile:


Im experiencing this issue:

Level: 20
Last tournament participation: this past weekend
Last time i launched the app: 2 hours ago

Level 20,
The last one “commons tourn”,
Today. I was going to dart a dilo the screen froze, I closed the app and I got the 121 message since then.

Lvl 11
No participation
Last launched app 3 hours ago

Same problem here, but it is reporting Error 221.

Level 20
Participated in tourney
Last playing one hour ago

Edit: I was already in the game and the error it was giving me was 221.

After trying to restart, it is now 121.

Level 20.
This first of the new tournaments
2 hours ago

Lvl 20
Last launched about 2.5 hours ago

Level 20
No tournaments since season 7, before boosts
Last successful login, today 8am EST.

Ok I’m level 19
Participated in the common tournament last weekend and the last time I successfully launched the app was at 4:36 pm GMT, so about 2 and a half hours ago. I tried launching it at 5:pm GMT but it failed. Dunno if this could help, but the last thing i did on the game was purchase some boosts

I hope this helps

  • Level 20
  • The very first tournament was the only one I’ve ever entered.
  • About 10 min.

Hope this helps.

Level 20, no tournament participation, app last launched about 4 minutes ago, only makes it to 18/24 then I get the error. Last successful app launch was about 5 hours ago.

Lvl 20
The first tournament
Last night at 23:30 pm
Stuck un the morning at 8/24

Level 13
No participation
Last login about 4 hours ago

Level 20.
I participated on the common tournament this weekend.
Last successful login about 2 hours ago

Level 20
Have participated in all tournaments
Have had this error since about 9:15 am CST

Crop out your support key so people can’t see it.

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Hey DPG members, thanks for providing your information for us.

If you haven’t already, we would also encourage you to reach out to our support team through the address provided above with more details as well.

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