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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Events Reworked

Hello fellow DPG members,

Today we would like to announce that your Jurassic World Alive team is going to begin testing the outflow of weekly events. As we make these trial changes we will be relying on your feedback to continue fine-tuning the weekly calendars.

In April, we’ve created more space for more popular events. We aim to have a minimum of at least 2 events available every day. We think that the new distribution should help everyone benefit from different types of events and help establish a more regular routine.

  • Event Supply Drops and Featured Creatures will be more regulated and spaced out.
    • Common Featured Creatures will be on the map for 1 day.
    • Rare and Epic Featured Creatures will be on the map for 2 days each.
    • Legendary and Unique Featured Creatures will remain unchanged and will continue to appear on special occasions.
    • In addition, during week-long Special Events, all Featured Creatures’ times on the map, DNA collection attempt limits, and re-spawn regularity will vary.
  • There will now be 3 Treasure Chases per week instead of just 1.
    • During week-long special events, this may also be subject to change.
  • Strike Events, including Scent Strikes and Boss Strikes, will average 11 per week rather than 16. This is enough that players will still be guaranteed at least 1 Strike Event per day.
  • Scent Strike events will now appear twice a week with the removal of the small Scent Strike event.
    • As with the Feature Creatures, week-long special events may also have an effect on all the Strike Events. Be sure to follow our social pages as we publish the weekly calendars to help you prepare for the week!

Some of those commons are heavily desired because they come from zones and/or time of day slots where it is hard for the general population to get them. You are also having them always on Monday, which might be rather unfair to people who are always busy on Monday. If you also do extra treasure chases and one overlaps on that Monday, than you will have less green/park towers.

Perhaps it is time you guys considered more spawn points and more tower points on the map if you do this route, especially due to the amount of dead space on the map.


You know we don’t hesitate about giving feedback :joy:
As long as we know it’s actually being taken into consideration.


Let the crying/complaining/moaning ensue


I’m all for reworking stuff, but this description is so vague. Can you please re-work this announcement so that it makes sense for all? maybe it would be worth sending out a mock depiction of what it would look like?


Thanks for listening Ludia, this is what everyone wants. LESS things to do in the game.

Some other suggestions, only let people battle twice a day or max out dinos we can dart in 24 hours, 1 an hour. You know, for routine.



So can we get some clarification on this? If commons are 1bday, rares and epics 2 days what is the other 2 days? Nothing? If you need this down to a 1 and 2 day thing are you going to drastically boost the event supply drops?


This looks written by a 7 year old


Sounds to me like things are being more limited. One day for common will be tough for many, including myself. Rare and epic 2 days each. Does this mean there will be two days with none? Five less strike events per week, that’s a bummer as those keep my interest peaked. Really hoping that the off days will be filled with something going forward.




Guess we can hope for a sale on dino bucks so we can buy dna at a slight discount.


We can all buy incubators during the down time!

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So first off this is labeled as trial changes so that may not mean they are permanent. However, i feel like this is not only vague but also undermines everything the dwindling community wants…

We just came off some of the best few weeks in a while! I was recommending this game to everyone who would listen… but if your first week was the New Year, or god forbid the St Paddy week and you saw the game turn to this mess… you surely wouldn’t stay long.

Commons for 1 day is trash and basically means we will only get 1/2 commons each week severely lessening the likeliness that we get anything worth anything. Not to mention giving most only a few hours each day to even hit the ones they need.

We don’t need 2 days for rares either as most rares offered in featured weeks are terrible anyways and I honestly skip most.

More treasure chases are fine i guess but they are uninspired events as you can only hit 1 chest per the given time slot meaning its not much of a chase…

Lastly i’m totally cool with the slash of strike events. The piddly common ones have a crap pool usually and don’t help much. So long as the reduced number means the overall quality improves i’m down. Same goes for the small scent strike… i have so many of those that go into the ether because i don’t really feel like wasting 5-20 mins staring at Irri G2 or Majung popping up over and over.


I am amazed at all the feedback from all of us that has gone ignored and then this change arises completely out of the blue sky. Granted, there has been resolution to some issues which was matched with our sincere appreciation. I hope trial is followed by trial and error with this concept so things can back to how they should be, which is the way they are now.


What @Hersh said through the medium of imagery :100:


With how that it written does that mean that featured Dino weeks are 5 days long now except for when legendary and/or uniques are added? If so a faster rotation while causing more hectic hunting would let more dinos be featured faster. I guess I like that.
The strike tower number being reduced is a bummer but of the remaining ones if they make more of them multi stage it could balance out.
I don’t know. I don’t particularly want to break out the pitchforks yet, would like to see this in execution first.

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You shall get it, indeed:

I shall start anticipating that the new schedule may fail to improve the game, unless you really did some maths and you’re adding extra (many extra) supply drops on the map.

  • Common creatures, 1 day. How many attempts? Are you reducing common to 2-3 dinos to pick from. In that case, fine. But if you keep adding between 3-5 different dinos it’ll be impossible to complete all attempts (it already was a challenge in a longer period).
    Potential fix: adding more supply drops on the map.

  • Treasure chests, the last couple of treasure chests hunts were already a failure in my area. Chests did appear much more scattered than they used to making them impossible to chase. You wouldn’t see a chest on the map for several Km and when one of them showed it was so far away or in such poorly accessible areas or not recommended neighbourhoods that you were not compelled to risk your life, health or time for a few coins.
    Potential fix: increase the number of chests or add more supply drops on the map.

  • Strike events, reducing the number of strike events will be beneficial (more supply drops free to spawn event dinosaurs). Over the last couple of weeks strike towers have been eating up space for event dinos to spawn.
    Potential fix: reduce the number of strike towers, remove small incubator towers altogether or add more supply drops on the map.

Changes to improve the game are always welcome. I hope you made your numbers and these really make it more accessible, because as of now completing events is overwhelming.

Good luck!


Why reducing the amount of weekly strike towers? I don‘t get it; free coins and DNA and u want to reduce this source for us?


I hate the idea of fewer strike towers. If anything, I’d want more per week. The issue with strike towers occupying event drop spots is easily fixed, as has been pointed out countless times in the past. Simply make the strike tower revert to a drop after it’s completed, just like the current treasure chests do. The code is already there for chests. Just implement it for strike towers.


Changes are welcome sometimes. This time I don’t see much positive changes. Treasure chase is only feature that will give us more than we get now. Thats basically all about positive features.

So, event spawns will be only from monday to friday? Will themes be reworked with less featured dinos?

I’m glad small scent strike is removed. Which other strikes are removed? Less easy towers or less epic ones?