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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Events Reworked

Why don’t we go back to when strike towers and weekly dinos didnt exist? Some of u have become jaded and fail to realize where we could still be…


Losing the rewards in the lower strike events is not that important to me, but it is when you lose the additional battle and incubator counts that goes towards personal dailies and weekly alliance missions.

Not everybody enjoys battling (at least the way the current system is set up). The matchmaking system is such a mess that I wouldn’t battle at all if we didn’t have to collect Battle tokens to complete our missions.

It feels like when we speak Ludia is listening but all they’re hearing is the teacher from Peanuts, “Yes ma’am.”


I like the strike events.

I don’t see how taking away 5 per week is exciting, or a good thing.

I don’t want to see them fewer and more involved.

Fewer days to catch commons?

It’s like the developers are trying to lose players.

5 days for featured creatures? Whaaaaaaat?

Less to do in game? Sure! I’d love to play less. Said no one ever.

Scent strikes, if they go… I’m okay with that. I rarely do them except for kicks. I don’t see much value in scents except the high end ones, and they are not worth buying.
If they made the scents affordable… I’d use them.


I hate everything in this post. I get to play an hour or so a day through the week. I cant get all the commons in 1 day. I havent lost or missed a single strike tower yet. Good way to help towards daily incubators. I hate battling. I used to stay in the top 50 but I cant stand it now so I barely do it. Thanks for nothing


^^^^^ This^^^^ yes

Well, at least Justin loves it. <3


If anything I’d like more strike events. They’re great for helping get alliance missions accomplished since they count for incubators and battles and coins and dna…am I missing anything? This will make missions harder for small alliances…is that the goal?


I mean it’s possible this is paving the way for an aquatic update somehow.


Never said i liked the ideas for any of this rework tbh. Just dont see how getting anything for free, in any type of capacity, can be regarded as a negative.

None of this use to ever exist. Most seem to forget that.

And this is what you get as a community for complaining about every thing.

Good job forum whiners

(Begins a slow clap)

Keep it up ludia why give up the downward momentum?


You serious, Devs? Less strike events, 1 day Commons, Treasure chests so rare to find that I haven’t found ANY since St Patty’s event…?
Get your stuff together. Just get it all together. Put it all in a backpack or whatever. Get it together.


What exactly are we getting for free?

Do you really think Ludia makes no money from this game? Do you believe that money just… appears in their accounts?

We aren’t getting anything “free”. We are the end user, we are the customer.


Im referring to the strike tower incubators and event dino dna and tresuure cheats. They dont habe to give us any of that.

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I know they make money from this game. ive spent a large amount on it. But anything we get as an incentive, regardless of the size, should imo, never be viewed as a negative.


This is like ordering a latte and saying that they put the foam on top for free, so dont complain… it’s how you make a latte! They developed the game with these features and now they want to take away resources… presumable to get more of our real money. Not for free… it’s the product they served us and we’re the consumers buying it.


But these didnt always exist. The game didnt launch witn weekly dinos, strike towers, and chests.

They were all added later. They never had to add them to begin with

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But now that they do exist, people feel entitled to them and become jaded if things are changed or taken away. But differnce of opinions I suppose. I’ll never have that mentality tho

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But they did… they did. so now that is their product. It’s called forethought.

Dont sell a product with perks if you can’t afford to.


The point of the game is to evolve and get better. Not get worse or stay the same in a bubble. They have made some great changes and now they are devolving the changes. Yes when i was growing up there was black and white t.v. and atari and pong were huge. Would you like to go back to those days or are you happier now with your HD t.v. and PlayStation?

These are horrible changes. If i wanted a routine i would spend more time at work and less time gaming. Gaming is a hobby not a job.


Community: swap-in shattering rampage is too strong and you can not counter it => needs REWORK (or nerf or adjustments)

Ludia: you want rework? we give you rework :smiley: