[News] Jurassic World Alive | Exclusive Creature Here to Stay

Howl you doing DPG members,

A happy Hallow’s Eve to you all. We hope you’ve been enjoying our Halloween week so far.

Trick-or-Treating isn’t just for children, Jurassic World Alive is participating too. Except we’ll be leaving the trick aside and going with a treat only!

Since it was love at first bite, the new and frightful Acrocanthosaurus will remain available on the map after the Halloween Event Week is over!

We hope you are just as excited as we are. We wish everyone an eeeek-tastic Halloween. Remember to stay safe!


Woohoo. Finally.

That’s teh best news I’ve heard all day. can we do this for other exclusive creatures as well?



(This is a sentence)

It would have been very foolish for it to be exclusive after.

I mean it was pretty obvious it wasn’t gonna go into the exclusive list.

Wait, so it wasn’t initially meant to remain available? Then why wasn’t it global for the duration of the event? I mean, I’m happy that they decided to keep it a wild spawn, and if they were on the fence about it that explains why it took so long for us to get confirmation, but still, it being a zone exclusive event exclusive, especially during a pandemic is just bizarre to me.


think they realized that people would be up in arms if it was exclusive after the event since it only spawned in one zone?


Now that’s some good news, thank you! Can we have all the other exclusives on the map as well? :joy:


That’s awesome seeing as how I’ve used multiple epic odors in L3 and not one Acro.

Well, it was exclusive in 2.1. And they were thinking of making it exclusive

Originally they clearly planned to keep the “trick” in by making it only available for the week, then realised the issues that would present so decided to leave the “trick” aside. Just stating what they said but it different words. :upside_down_face:

Cool. Thanks for making it non-exclusive. I’ll be located within the zone she’s still housed in on Monday, assuming that her local will not change. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you! :smiley:

Are you sure this is a Halloween treat and not an early Christmas present

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No tricks, only treats from us! :blush:


It’s an excellent idea…if it appears on the map! :rofl:

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Well that’s kinda obvious in my view. Why would something exclusive be released for an event only in a specific local while in the middle of a pandemic where most of the player base would not have been able to hunt it…that’s common sense imo.

Nevertheless, the confirmation is very welcomed so thanks for that.

Well done, Ludia