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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Features & Creatures Poll Results

Happy Tuesday DPG members!

We’d like to thank the many, many players who participated in the Features & Creatures survey we had published in May.

We couldn’t wait to share a teaser of some of the results we’ve tabulated from the several entries!

Below you will find some very interesting statistics of which features and creatures were favorited by you, our amazing Jurassic World Alive community.

We will be disclosing more information closer to the dates of these new features and creatures in upcoming Release Notes.

Thank you once more for participating!


Two things I want to ask/point out:

1: Why is it not shown what creatures and features got the most votes? In my humble opinion, the best way to get the community hyped would be to show which creatures got voted in, and what features would be coming to the game. I feel like this is a missed opportunity on that front.

2: Does this mean that these creatures and features will be released next update? Can we get some kind of indication on how soon this update is coming? We just started the Tier List discussions and we don’t want another round of having to do it all over again because some new creatures got added :rofl:


What a pointless chart


I was actually excited about this post until I saw “Feature 1-6” and “Creature 1-5”. Why be so secretive about which feature and creature was most voted? We already know what each of them are, so why can’t we know which is most voted for?

This post does nothing helpful. We already know something is going to be most voted in each category. We want to know what is most voted for. If this post wasn’t made, there would definitely be less upset people right now.


No fair!! I love feature #6! Come on folks, what we’re you thinking?! :rage:


Don’t get this post wrong though, I appreciate you sharing the results and taking the community into account, but I just don’t think it’s been executed as brilliantly as it could’ve been. This could have been the ultimate hype method for the next update, so it really is a missed opportunity if you ask me


Bruh, it’s your own oppenion u can’t force. And I think ppl did choose a great (looking) one 🤷

So what were the options voted again? I don’t remember the poll

While I like the thought, I must say this was poorly executed. Maybe tell us WHAT they are instead of #1-6

Because… that way you’ll always bring out what you had planned originally, regardless community preferences? Who knows :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I mean, if they respected creatures’ order on the poll, we’d actually know what we chose. In that case it was just laziness not to plot the names rather than creature number.


Yes!!! I :two_hearts: LOVE :two_hearts: creature #1 !!! Can’t wait :roll_eyes:🤷

Wait wait wait, hold up…
Did ankylotops just got voted?


Yeah, this is… Pretty pointless, unfortunately. It doesn’t hype me up at all. Even just showing us the bottom 2-3 would be better than having all of them a ~mysterious surprise~.

That said, I’m hoping Creature 1 is the Alankylo hybrid…


This “tease” served zero purpose :expressionless:
“Here’s how the community is split.” Okay?


Man, don’t care which one gets #1 but do hope Indotaurus be a real thing.


Upcoming release notes? So soon? Can’t wait.

Call me cynical but I’m guessing they probably lost the real results.

And they’re just doing this to check out comments for what everyone was really hoping for. Those will magically become the ‘results’. :thinking::joy:




I wonder if there is a dfp emoji :rofl: