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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Four Weeks of Wealth

Hello fellow DPG members,

From January 7th to February 3rd, you’ll notice that the treasure chests work a little bit differently. This is our Coins Chase event. Coins Chases will appear for several days each week. Open Coins Chase boxes every hour to collect up to 25,000 coins a day!


You expect us to go out every hour to find these chests? I opened the game and don’t even see any in my area. I can’t be running around all over the country every hour. Twice per day max!


Its total nonsense 1 in town… Amd gice oy 880 coons in lvl 17

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Awesome can’t wait to collect lol

I think think its conmected to daily coin limit… But 1 box on town its total nonsense. Wich reset once or twice per day…

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Don’t be lame, it’s a game that’s meant to get you out exploring. None in my area either but I go out to find them. Cheer up chuck :slight_smile:


How to get the coin’s

@Jorge: Is there some visibility setting on this news post?

The In-App news leads to this post. But unable to find this news/post directly from forum!

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Wow get to chase around when myself and daughter can’t leave house physically. So much for getting needed coins again…

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I’m sorry for those that can’t seem to get out to get them, but really? Complaining about free stuff? This is still a thing?


when will we see 1.6 notes, support team?

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Can you say something about update 1.6?
At least tell us if its gonna come out this month, please.

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This is probley in place of the update…

Update will probably happen when the four weeks are up

Its worst event ever tryed open twice chest …

and you think its worth run around town for one chest wich give lesa then supply tower?

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thanks Ludia, great action !!!11

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Got 460 from one close to my home. Will try to open more on my way to/from work.

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