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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Four Weeks of Wealth


On my lunch break I opened about 6 of these and got between 500 and 5,000 coins each. I’m liking it. Have lots of things ready to level up and need the coins badly. Each one resets every hour so you can go around and get all the ones in the area every hour. Seem to be at most banks and some other places.


I noticed that these chests are near banks, that’s funny.


i used to walk when i finish work , i open alot of treasure chest , wow got alot of money to upgrade my dinasuars


I see 2 here and was surpriced by the amound of 880 and 440.
I also notice supply drops give most of the time only 74 and loads of darts while you can only stash 140.
Let us stash more darts so we can hunt dino’s and open scents if we don’t want to go out anymore.


I wish it was summer. I got one at lunch and another driving home. It wasn’t a lot but I like that they are doing these little things to keep things interesting. Maybe they could change the treasure chests to dragon…opps… I mean golden dino eggs to at least fit the dino theme. But then the drops sound like slot machines.


**ive opened 1 close to hm and got 500 its looking promising **


I’ve opened 1 close to hm its looking vert promising…:grin:_emphasized text_


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They have not appeared here in santiago chile


Awesome! I may not be able to go out every hour but appreciate the chance to get free coins!:sauropod::t_rex:


How get my coints :v


You don’t have to go out every hour. You can collect the coins whenever you like/have time.

Only difference is once you collect a treasure chest, you cannot collect the same chest again for another hour. You can still go on and collect a different chest(s) immediately till you fill in 25k coins (or whatever is limit for your level).

Note: Since you can collect multiple chests one after another, the amount of coins has been reduced and varies from 500 coins to 5000 coins (Level 20).
I had to collect around 15 - 25 chests to fill in my 25k limit.


I just opened one that was 4400 so yes some are small but some are not just have to open to see


I can’t get


ive only ever received 1 chess I’m not 100% sure on how you receivestrong text


I’ve recieved between 440 at the low end, to 4500.


What we’ve seen it looks like the treasure chests coin reward is ((your level + 5) * 2) as a base number and then it’s multiplied by 10, 20, 50, or 100. We see a lot of the 10 and 20 multipliers, a few of the 50, and every now and then a 100. I don’t recall seeing any multipliers other than these.

I’m Lv 16 and see 420, 840, 2100, and 4200.
My gf is Lv 17 and sees 440, 880, 2200, and 4400.


That seems to be the correct formula/calculation!
I am level 20 and get 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000.


Doing these boxes says I’m at coin limit when I was a coin limit two days ago. Wasn’t able to collect yesterday nor today. Nice when it says a day you can hit a limit.


Over the past two days I have had four appear on my house. Yay! :slight_smile: