[News] Jurassic World Alive | Friendly Battle Fixed

Hello fellow DPG members,

Today we’re happy to announce that the Friendly Battle issue that has affected many since Update 1.5 is now fixed!

Players who experienced this would send a Friendly Battle invitation to someone on their friend’s list, sometimes while being in the same room, and the request would never be received no matter the amount of time that passed or the amount of troubleshooting the recipient performed.

The fix is now live, so jump in to challenge your friends and leave your feedback in the thread!


what about the darting speed


TY! Excited to use this again! :slight_smile: Great job Ludia and thanks for the heads up! :smiley:

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Still no Android 9 fix for darting speed? :weary:

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@Renley: Would you mind sharing what is the darting speed issue with Android 9?
I am in Android 8 and haven’t updated the software on my phone since some time. Was wondering if it is worth taking the risk.

The darting sensitivity on android 9 has roughly tripled since the update. So you only move your finger a third of the amount. Its extremely hard to dart at first. I’ve kind of got a little used to it but using my wife’s phone I still do better. Averaging around 100 less dna per common because of it to begin with…

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See above comment and this thread 1.5 Darting Speed

TLDR: Sensitivity on the drone has roughly tripled. Quite difficult to reach DNA per darting average from 1.4. I’ve gotten slightly more used to it for easy commons(Velo/Deino/etc), but for epics, its especially noticable due to how far you have to travel. Any quick movement is a disaster. I averaged about 180-220 on Sino during armored week, this week I was lucky to hit 120.

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After a friendly battle, the game is getting frozen. If I try to minimize the game and reopen it, it’s getting crashed.

1 bug fix that doesn’t really affect the game at all, rather than bothering with the Android 9 darting speed issue that must be screwing a massive amount of people. Good work Ludia.

I think is not working yet

You still haven’t fixed the other problem

Nor this XD I still am not able to do friendly battles…

They still haven’t fixed all the glitches and bugs that have plagued the game since launch. Issues with speed, issues with stun and certain abilities, the unfairness of the tournaments, the unfairness of the Epic Strikes for players with level 16-18 dinos. The chat working about 30% of the time, donations are screwing up…where does it end? Why not fix what’s BEEN broken instead of pushing shiny new updates?

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I had no idea there was a problem with dart speed! I got a new phone right around the time of the update and thought it was my phone that made it almost impossible to get dna. Good to know it can (hopefully) be fixed.

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