[News] Jurassic World Alive | GamePress Open Letter Response


Hello DPG members,

Today we’d like to address the article written by GamePress regarding the recent happenings of Jurassic World Alive.

The team acknowledges and regrets the errors that have been seen in the recent release notes. We understand your frustration and this is not up to the quality you expect, nor that we strive to exceed. Moving forward, the team will bring greater focus on making sure that future release notes are accurate and a true reflection of the intended changes for the new update. On top of this, the team will be taking steps to improve the creature sections included with the release notes. We would like to add that from now on, creature battle balancing will occur to existing creatures in the game in every other update. (New creatures will still be added).

We also acknowledge the shortcomings with communications and will be taking measures to improve in this matter moving forward.

There will be lots of work to do, and we pledge that we will continue to gather the community’s feedback in order to improve the Jurassic World Alive experience for players both in and out of the game. Not all changes may be immediate, but we assure you we are listening.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


I hope this is true. With recent updates, it surely doesn’t seem like it.


Does that mean monolometrodon will finally be nerfed


Thank you for acknowledging our concerns.

if at all possible, when creature balancing is done, can a brief explanation of the change be added? For those of us who don’t know the inner workings of the development, some of the changes seem off the wall, unnecessary, and/ or illogical. and it leaves us to speculate (not always nicely) why a change was made.


Nice to see an official response to a post from the community, but creature balancing every other patch? That seems like a bad idea. If you guys break something, we now have to wait over 2 months for it to be fixed? Oof.


Yeah but this means that monthly updates work fine now, as balancing won’t be that bad

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Yeah hopefully it means more thought goes into balancing and things don’t break lol

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Why do I feel sceptical?


Thank you for acknowledging our concerns! I’m excited to see these things put into action and for improved communication to and from y’all and the community from now on. :slight_smile:


Wow an actual response say they were wrong and messed up and that they gonna work on fixing things and listening to community feedback…I’m both optimistic and yet skeptical. I mean we’ve seen something like this in the past and well we’re here. I just hope they make good decisions that benefit the game from now on.


I mean an understatement a lot needs to be worked on; the meta is stale and many creatures are just bench warms or on the other end dominate of everything, tournaments like need to change cause we’re tired of them at this point, boosts need a 3.0 or at least speed boost to make much less effective I would say or more like less the deciding factor like maybe changing to .50 per boosts or 1speed per boost, making boost lvl caps matter more, fixing matchmaking, making swap ins more risk than reward, adding more diversity in the lower leagues to allow for more diversity in higher leagues, more dinosaurs and hybrids for the endgame without sidelining current endgamers, making creatures not that raid based, getting rid of short spawns etc. but honestly I hope you guys actually try this time, cause if not this game is going the way of JPB


Give them a chance to work it out. This response here is a HUGE step, just knowing they read and acknowledged the community’s concerns. I really hope this is the game changer we need!


Same here but ludia does back track a lot on there word so it’s best to lower your expectations that way you can be more surprised by small things.

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To me, this line shows a backwards development strategy. I assume the goal of this is to provide a more stable arena experience, but stability should be a secondary goal. If a creature is released or changed in a way that makes it completely dominate, we have to wait 2 patches to see it addressed? That doesn’t inspire confidence.

Creatures should be balanced as needed. The focus should be on better planned and thought out patches so that rebalancing isn’t needed in the first place. I would much rather see a patch dedicated wholly to addressing the existing issues than adding half-baked new features and creatures.


Im not a Phoru user, but what about those who boosted Phoru due to release notes? Phoru just an example. Boosts should be redistributed


I mean we used to get those before back before boosts and such, we had one big update addressing everything new and big changes. Then a smaller one to polish and clean up as needed and it was a good system idk why they just don’t go back to that.


And can we get a boost reset on that creature? People pour boosts into certain dinos based on their existing stats - right or wrong. If you change those stats they should get to choose a different member for their team and put their boosts into it. It is too difficult to speculate what OP creature will be nerfed (that can sometimes take a year or more) and which underpowered one will be given Wonder Woman-like powers.


This sums up my thoughts perfectly. I’m all for greater accuracy and better communication, but balancing the existing game needs to be prioritized over adding new content, not the other way around.


I guess if you do it every other update you have more time to think it out, exept if there has to be like an emergency nerf made, like the 2.0 maxima

agreed. the main reason i don’t boost anything is because i don’t feel confident in the investment due eventual creature changes. but theres also the question of what gets boosts refunded? things that have stat or ability changes for sure, but what about creatures that weren’t changed in any way that became less useful due to another creature’s buff? (i.e spinocon with Thor’s buff) it’s a balance that should be solved and decided on before they start. and i would hope sooner rather than later.