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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Global Health March 13, 2020

That and Tenonto. The tiny park is actually a playground but shows green, so it pops park spawns.

and not even a green cube thanks you ludia if you help your quarantined players … well they will do the others in these months because my husband and I will not be able to do much since we don’t have green cubes so the creatures we can’t take them and battles are almost always out of our 150! ok! …I hope you still have something in store for us with the update!.. stay to safe!

I agree absolutely :slight_smile:

Thanks for the initiative guys :blush:

I have no green stops either. But far away on my map I see a couple right next to each other in a neighborhood…

thanks ludia! I am in quarantine and in my 150 meters there is not a green cube and there is only a battle! I should go out to finish everything including coins and counter that I filled every day! … but it is not possible! if this is the way to help the players and who unfortunately is forced to stay at home! I hope that in the update you will solve this, so that I won’t manage to do anything for myself or for the alliance!

Our problem is that if we try to go out without a valid reason we can get fines or worse! for the coronavirus we cannot go out and therefore not even move on foot!

Be safe, it’s not worth getting fined and definitely not worth getting sick to get green stops. Ludia should definitely look into the map and lack thereof on green stop proportions…


I think I’ll end up fattening the Kapro and Carnotarkus with the 3 hour scents.
But I miss roaming the parks. We’re now ordered to stay inside unless we need food/meds.


The three hour incubator are a huge help for those it is stuck at home “Indefinitely “. What would make them even more awesome would be to have the dailies in them. We only get one day a week to get them as it is, but it’s even harder when you only get 1 or 2 most near you and you can’t go out chasing them. Thanks!

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would be nice if we could get like four 1-hour scents everyday. 1 for each zone and they all included parks and globals.

3 hours is rough. i usually fall asleep for an hour during each one i’ve ran, and running them from home only gives you access to dinos in the zone you are in most.


Do you know if beaches also spawn park spawns?

You know, they did that so players stay INSIDE. I just did a 3h, and still had 100% Yep, I was connected to my charger all the time!!!

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I haven’t been to the beach since 1997, so no idea. Ideally, they should spawn crocs, dimetrodons, spinosaurs, and whatever aquatics if they’re ever added to the game in the future.

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Couldn’t dart 3 uniques. I am not able to dart Argentinosaurus. Missing out on strike towers as those are not in my reach. @E.D

Refreshing that topic as most of the players base is under quarantine now, that we can expect it to last for some additional weeks or to have at least some kind of restriction on our movements and that a very valid proposition has been made regarding the Giga scents and has not been answered yet.
Once again, we thank you for this addition that sure is enjoyable for everybody. However, the problem of multiple players is that we are not making any progress as the scent is bounded to our local. We are basically stucked with building stocks of dna that we won’t be using instead there is a new hybrid in the future. Not talking about the fact that darting the exact same dinos for 2 weeks now, is kinda becoming boring.
Why would not you make a Giga scent based on 1 of the 4 different locals rolling out in each 6hours free incubator ? This would allow everybody to have access to the 4 different locals each day and to keep on making progress while being under quarantine.

@E.D Can you please address this ?


To make it fairer, since a 3h hunt in another zone that is not your local is huge…
Cap the Local Gigas at one.
You can’t save them, you get one, that’s it… until you use it.
That way, you push people to play and don’t let people abuse this new mechanics that aren’t there to push our game, but as quick fixes in time of need.

If everyone has access to a scent that allows you to dart dinos outside of your zone, then how would it be unfair? Same thing with the short-range joystick (Gyrosphere) idea I have. If everyone has access to a feature, then there shouldn’t be any unfair advantages.

A short-range joystick would solve the problem of out-of-range strike events and supply drops. I find it rather odd that these AR gaming companies are increasing events that require you to leave the house in the middle of a mass quarantine. Niantic is doing the same thing with PoGo, and it makes no sense to me!

My point, Deep, is that in my experience a 3h hunt outside of your local is not normal.
The giga scents and all the fixes are there as a way to simulate or equal our normal gameplay.

The idea of Giga-locals would push into the limit, I think.

That’s why some people suggested 1 hour local scents, or having the giga scents spawn completely random dinos from all locals

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