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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Global Health March 13, 2020

Right, I love this game.

I love darting and collecting dna, always did find this the best bit of the game since I started playing way back in June 2018 when I started.

But 3 hours of continuous darting?

I gave up with almost an hour left despite having plenty of darts left.

It’s way too long to enjoy the experience.

One hour would be much better, and before anyone says it, yes I will just do an hour from now especially as it’s free. Of course I shouldn’t complain about something that’s free!

Like I said in game, it’s probably something they had available in code. And you don’t need to finish the 3 hours, totally up to you. You get enough of em anyway.

Absolutely right Tielenaar, and I take my hat off to anyone who can grind for 3 hours doing the Giga scent.

This is why I’ll never be a top player, I just don’t have the patience, determination and desire necessary to get there.

And aiming skills, not to forget :stuck_out_tongue:

Aiming skills have never been my forte, but with the new veteran setting they are a bit better now :smiley:

Is there any method of turning out piled up DNA >50k from common creatures to Rare Enrouting Epic … Legendary… Unique?

One time played 3hr game utilised all darts ending with battery nearly <10%. Most of them common DNA encountered occassional Rare and Very rarely Epic ones. Neither thumbs up or down with the piled up of 3hr incubators.

1hr is better instead I feel. Simultaneously all darts amounted 1250+ were gone to zero in a single 3hr incubator usage with the skipping of common ones too.

Any counter sale given to players for piled up 3hr ones with Legendary or Unique DNA incubation, just to boost the game. Never mind. Thanks

@achakonda You didn’t get that from spinning a stop. You got it from your free incubator. (That you can collect every 6 hours)

@Dragonite Yes pogo did do something. They have 30 incense in the shop for 1 poke coin. I’d say that’s better than what ludia has done

Like I mentioned " but that post was deleted for political? reasons" give us all more supply drops and sertainly a green stop.
I have 1 at 148 meters but thay at home thus no epics for me.
And more 350 darts for 100 coins please
And if possible not 140 as total fpr darts but 280 or so for limited time

Thanks for the 3h Inc.
Activated it yesterday and checked each and every spawn. All spawns were global or area 3 spawns.

Please change this if more and more players have to stay at home. Spawns should be from all areas. Otherwise they will soon get bored. Maybe you could also increase drone range so that players can collect enough items to complete the daily tasks.
Edit: … tasks and get the chance to do at least a few strike events.


anyone keep track of the spawns? is it just 3 hours of double nundasuchus spawns?

Holy Merkin snit I just completed my daily missions in 40 minutes when it’s normally an hour and a half! On two games mind you! Both with 5000 common and Marksmanship. To complete Marksmanship on one game would always take a 20 minutes scent and 2-4 of the 5 minute ones! Dats cause I stink at darting :joy::joy:!

Engagement and marksmanship were done in like 15 minutes!

The best thing about the giga scent is I can do other things while it is running like battles and strike events without worrying about loosing scent spawns

That’s kind of asking if there’s a way to do nothing everyday, isn’t it.
The new scent makes marksmanship very easy indeed.

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Basically all I do now is daily missions first thing in the morning and don’t play the rest of the day! For me this frees up my morning!



I stole this pic off another person in my alliance who said “Swarms are out”.

What if the green boxes had multiple dinos for the time being. So instead of having only 1 Dino spawn at that box there were say 6. It would mean less time out and if you got a green box near your house you could still get a pretty good amount of the spawning Dino.

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As is often the case, this is a good intention, but it’s still proof that those in charge don’t understand anything about their own game. 3 successive hours of spawn is absolute nonsense, especially if the scent only attracts only lobal and local creatures. Stay at home results in just get useless dinos even if you’re a beginner. More than that, Ludia just made a new map change that deprived me of 4 suplly/7 I could reach from my home. Everything is really done to disgust the players and not let them play anymore. At this level, it’s great art, really…

hi,nice too meet u

Practically :rofl:. I couldn’t do the whole 3 hrs and probably missed out on 30-45 min of spawns because I had to take care of some things and I couldn’t check my phone. But I’m tired of seeing Allo, Nunda, Apato, Irri2, and Deino haha. I did actually get 2 epics that I saw. Erlik and Sino.


The epics are definitely out there … I don’t have the attention span to sit for 3 hours either.

But I did get all of these from one giga though so Ludias Handling of COVID-19 is definitely appreciated.


if only i could get stuff from other locals. I’m just kinda sitting on the scents right now as i don’t really need anything in my current local.