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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Global Health March 13, 2020

This is good news to hear especially with what’s going on right now


Do not nerf the proceratomimus, ouranosaurus, kentrosaurus and indominus gen 2 :smiley:


Not much you can do really. Suspend daily/alliance missions? Make them straight reward? Change missions to all arena (that’ll go down well).

Tricky times. Stay safe everyone.


I agree. Nearest zone 2 and 3 are waaay too far from me, I rarely reach 2, and haven’t reached 3 in ages.


Good idea. My nearest zone 3 is about 90% river. This would be really useful.

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would love a joystick (even for a short time). hard to hunt dinos in a GPS game when you can’t go out due to travel restrictions.


Well considering the amounts of stress the PvP part is bringing most of your players I’m more than curious how you’re gonna fix that :see_no_evil::blush:


Yea please don’t nerf kentrosaurus.


-Green drops absolutely everywhere. Don’t replace the orange ones though.
-Postpone st patty’s unless the suggestion above is implemented

-Scents spawning more dinos when standing still

-Increased spawnrate overall


Yes, please don’t nerf [insert my team here] either!


Hello ED,

It is good to see that you are concerned about the well being, health and safety of your players. This game does have a lot of dedicated and day to day grinders. In fact, this game is an integral part of many players daily lives. With that said I and all that is going on worldwide. I think it would be a nice gesture to see Dino spawns increased, stops increased and towers increased so that players do not have to go out or leaves there home while this pandemic is out there and placing risk on everyone’s health. Just a suggestion and I think many player would appreciate. Of course when this goes away, you can go back to normal where we can’t find any Dino’s, any stops, and have to drive an hour for to complete events(just kidding). Appreciate whatever you can do for your dedicated players.



1 billion people world wide get the flu every year and 650,000 people die from it. the current situation is a microscopic fraction of that. i know most companies, sports leagues, etc are in “CYA” mode, but for most people, yes you should be slightly concerned, but not freak out or fall for the media sensationalism. you are far more likely to catch, or get harmed in some other way by something else. also, stop buying all the toilet paper at walmart :sweat_smile:

but if ludia wants to hand out some free unique incubators :crossed_fingers:


Oh my! That was years ago! You should get back into at some point, though I’m not sure now’s the time…

We must not freak out, but we shouldn’t underestimate this either. It’s higly contagious and very dangerous for older people.


yep. I’ve been logging in off and on every so often. not much to actually do anything, but just to see if there’s anything i want to catch in my immediate area. It lost its charm for me when JWA came out, but with the way we’re going now, i may go back to pogo.

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Btw Ludia, since we’re talking about this, I ask that one of your actions would be to please, pleeease give us more Diplodocus or make these weekly Alliance rewards last more! Our alliance Sand Dunes is agreeing to not pursuit the 10/10 as hard as we usually do. After all, it’s not even possible. We have members on lockdown…

So much time in this game and this thing happens right when Diplo is in the rewards :disappointed_relieved:


And for those with underlying health issues - my son is immunocompromised :frowning_face: (not that I’m in the best condition at the moment either, 50+, asthmatic and currently have a chest infection :grimacing:).


So am I =/


And that, I think, is the underlying point. Even if you personally aren’t going to be affected if you get it, you could unwittingly be passing along to someone who could be (grandparent, immuno-compromised, etc) so passing it off as “no big deal” is dangerous.


I like that idea… :money_mouth_face: