[News] Jurassic World Alive | Halloween 2018 Extravaganza

Prepare for a ghoulishly good time!

Featured Creatures, Strike Events and Scent Capsules will each have a hint of pumpkin spice for the next couple of weeks! With the help of our community who participated in the Scary Creature poll, we’ve been able to pinpoint the creepiest creatures and mobilize them to your neighborhood.

Strike Events
Battle the scariest creatures chosen by the community in a string of Strike Events that will test your nerves between October 22nd and Halloween!

Scent Capsules
Synthesized by the DPG from sequences created at Jurassic World, the Halloween Scent attracts the most terrifying creatures on the map - see below for details. Halloween Scents will guarantee a Rare creature, and will be obtainable via Scent Strike Events and in the store from October 22nd to Halloween!

Creatures Attracted to Halloween Scent
Thanks to DPG members investigation, we now have information about which creatures are attracted by the Halloween Scents:

  • Allosaurus (Common)
  • Tanycolagreus (Common)
  • Velociraptor (Common)
  • Gorgosaurus (Rare)
  • Spinosaurus (Rare)
  • Tyrannosaurus rex (Epic)
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Did we ever get to see the results of the poll?

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I didn’t even know about the poll until just now :cry:

Talk about being late :confounded::upside_down_face::unamused:


Not to be a negative Nancy here but i really hope spawn rates for these creatures increase as well. If its just spooky dino scents and strikes then this is a major let down for a “special event”.


finally, I already forgot about that poll. I’m looking forward to it.

I agree… fear scents better have a pretty high chance of getting more then a rare or whats the point. I had high hopes for this special event but whats been revealed here is kinda disappointing.

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Awesome!! Excited for the first seasonal event!!!

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Hoping the news for this seasonal is more than what was just announced, and that it actually is more than what we normally already have… which is weekly Strike Tower, Scent Strikes and normal poop. Sounds like business as usual.

Yeah its hard to get to excited over a scent that gurantees a gorgosaurus, spinosaurus, or suchatator. And strikes that will bug out if you stun or use long invincibility.


Commons : Allosaurus, Tanycolagreus, Velociraptor
Rare : Gorgosaurus, Spinosaurus, Suchotator
Epic : Tyrannosaurus Rex, Gorgosuchus
Legendary : Indominus Rex
Unique : Indoraptor


More free stuff . I’ll gladly take it thanks ludia


Velociraptor, T-Rex, I-Rex and Indoraptor DNA all gratefully received! And I never thought I would need more Spinosaurus (I even stopped bothering to dart it it was so plentiful a while back) but leveling up Spinotasuchus is dwindling my supplies. :smile:

I’ve been very vocal about my opinions of the game, but this event does add variety…which is good. Although it could be better, I am glad to see some change. I’m personally happy to see all the raptor line in it, and this is great timing as I’m trying to finish creating Indo.

Variety? Same events as weekly but with Dinos we voted in and a different theme. Nothing remarkable really. Seasonal should be an entirely different set of event that sets it apart. Not copy paste into current event and add a new banner to the incubator


It’s not much variety, but it’s something. I’m motivated by self interest and getting indo anyways, as I “personally” stated. I’m a little selfish, I admit. @cucubelu

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Ill save my judgement towards Ludia until the event actually hits but if its only what they posted above, its a huge miss on their part. The least they could do is increase wild spawns of the featured dinos.
As they posted it above, its absolutely nothing more than any other weekly “featured creatures” just with a theme we havent seen before. The themed scents are the only real addition and even thats lame. If you get two a week from the strike events and you happen to get 20 minute scents, that only adds 40 minutes of new gameplay to your entire week. Shouldn’t a “halloween event” make the gameplay for that whole event be something special?

Once again Ludia turns something that couldve actually been pretty cool into a blatant cash grab.

“Buy special halloween scents from the store!”


Spooky dino must be indoraptor.it makes annoying and scary when face him at battle.:scream:

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If the featured dinosaurs turn out to be these, I will be a very happy man!

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Wow a company that wants to stay afloat is "turning " everything into a cash grab not like they’ve been that way since release but I’m sure it’s a surprise to some


AWSOME!! when does this happen?

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