[News] Jurassic World Alive | Halloween 2018 Extravaganza


Supposed to be Monday. The day the tournament ends.


Finally, the results of the investigation into the Unidentified Incoming Event have been revealed!

Looking forward to it!


What about trick or treat treasure chests that have only a time limit, and you can obtain unlimited number of them?


I knew there was a reason for that poll. But honestly, wasnt that poll like 2 months ago, and now they’re doing something with it. I mean its Halloween so that does make sense


Sounds great! Somehow I have a feeling there is more to come :smile:


I was hopong for another unique instead indoraptor, at this point i dont care for some indoraptor dna, prefer another more dificult to obtain


Magna would of been a good unique to have in strike events.


I’d like to say a big thanks to Ludia for making this game more sustainable, because they could of just left the game as it was and still made money. The strike and scent events, treasure chase, it makes the game more interesting. Themed events around a holiday is awesome too, so thank you for making the game a better experience.


Happened many weeks ago. Just asking what creatures were the scariest.


A single fuse for the Indoraptor is worth 50 Indominus DNA and 2000 Raptor DNA or 4500 Raptor DNA and 250 Rex DNA. And that’s a fuse for 10 DNA. Now multiple that by 5 if you get a 50 darting result. Best unique deal available.


It might just be me but I want the actual scent capsule and incubator shown in the pictures, they look totally wicked.


To be honest, I’m not so impressed. The same event strike, featured week dinos, but the theme is scary dinos. But everybody chose it not because of their outfit, but their battle abilities.

I expected something more…


Totally agree with you. Thanks for the event, there will always be people who expect more and more. I’m enjoying every free dna you give away :blush:


Can’t complain about free stuff!
But was really hoping the Halloween theme meant there would be something special visually: Like zombie/skeleton dinos, spooky halloween atmosphere along with halloween music instead of normal nights, or certain Halloween selected dinos popping up/disappearing with short intervals randomly or yielding 4x DNA as bonus. … Something much more fun!!

I hope at least the color of the Strike Towers reflect Halloween spirit!!


What are the numbers next to the dinosaur


Beats me. I copied and paste from metahub


Every events contain T-rex should be great.
Because we need T-rex DNA so badly.:t_rex::t_rex::t_rex:

Yes this event seems not so surprising, but won’t blame on any chance for more rexy.:t_rex:

I think I must be more creepy than Allo, and I am also in the vote candidate.
Why they don’t choose me?:angry:


I know it doesn’t matter and it’s just cosmetic but I think that’s a great idea. For some stupid reason I’d love the strike event to be in front of a haunted house with spooky music shouldn’t be hard to implement on their behalf. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


I am amazed how a normal week of strike event, just themed halloween, is being received so well. It is just another week of strike events you do day in and out as you are right now… with some glitter facepalms


@Rolybert @MikkoAmour Each of those names is a link to the dinodex entry on metahub. The numbers next to the names are the number of times those links have been clicked.