[News] Jurassic World Alive | Halloween 2018 Extravaganza


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Thats cause its free stuff… even if its the same free stuff they already get… i cant imagine those scents that are guranteed a rare are gonna be pulling alot of uniques. We dont even know if those scents are gonna pull just the featured dinos and not normal stuff with a hogher chance of the featured dinos…


I think the folks who are disappointed in the announcement (including myself) arent impressed because this new event is in fact NOT free stuff. Scent strike events and weekly featured event dinos are a PART OF THE GAME. They arent free things any more than the wild spawns are. This halloween event isnt free stuff nor is it anything new. Its LITERALLY just the same thing we have every single week with a theme of “scary dinos” instead of “immune, debuff, armor, stunners, or speedsters”.

I cant speak for others, but I for one thought for sure a “special” halloween event would mean there would be some sort of change or improvement to gameplay during that period. Maybe those scary creatures would spawn more frequently during this time? Maybe all the carnivores would be chasing pikachu wearing a witches hat while you dart them? Anything wouldve made this more exciting than the same old stuff we see every week already.

I think the upsetting thing is that once you complete your strike event and dart your weekly dinos, whichever few you may need, it goes back to business as usual and this game seriously needs some excitement, especially for us dedicated players in the Ruins or beyond who’s grind has come to a snails pace due to insane DNA and coin requirements for leveling up at these higher levels.

I hope this helps people understand why many of us are disappointed.



I don’t understand your complain. If that’s what happens, I could understand your disappointment. But we don’t even know how it will play out !!
Maybe there will increased spawns, maybe they will be regular strike + Halloween themed, maybe there will be some surprise they don’t uncover yet (there are many already in the code waiting to be released)

So no I don’t understand how you could say that they are not giving away free stuff without seeing how it will be. Sounds crazy to imply how it will play out from nothing.

Just wait to see what is up, and after we will be able to review their event. Not the other way.


Although I am not as disappointed as you, I understand where you’re coming from. Thank you for expressing your point. You’re bored and you were hoping for something more. I however had no expectations that this would be an awesome event, yet I am excited for the potential DNA. I could care less about it being a Halloween themed event, but I can see how one can be let down by the apparent lack of change. I think we should revisit this topic after the event is over so we have something “tangible” we can complain about. Ultimately, we all want a better game, but we need to be more constructive with telling Ludia what we are actually are looking for.


I’m excited! Hoping they will add some fun herbivores too. I could really use a Sinoceratops!


People who are disappointed, let’s just wait and see first. Even if it’s just a rebrand of things, at least strike events still means opportunities for some free dna.


Rip was hoping to get some megalosaurus DNA


In my house today I walked around, used a rare scent, got 7 megalo from scent and 3 non scent,
which got me TEN megalo today!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


So it seems that we are getting 2 times more strike events this week :grin:

took this on their Twitter


So, if I’m reading this graph correctly, there should be a rare scent strike tower out there today… Anyone confirm this? I’ve seen the other two but not this one.


Same here only saw the normal ones


I was wondering about this myself.


I did a capsule Strike Tower, and gave me only a large scent capsule.Maybe its just a chance to acquire the rare one.


Correct. It’s only a chance at getting a rare capsule. That’s the highest reward for this scent strike. If you click on the info for each scent strike it tells you the reward possibilities.


Gotcha, I guess I never bothered to do that with the scent strikes before!

EDIT: So how does that work for the days that have multiple scents? Just the chance of either of them (in addition to the regulars)?


I think it’s two separate scent strikes and its’ showing the maximum reward for each (if you’re referring to Friday, for instance).


yeah, but has anyone seen a strike event with 3 battles?


Tu-W and F-Su; I guess we’ll all have to wait until tomorrow and see!


I‘m a bit disappointed too. I also expected a very special event, not necessarily with super duper gifts and presents but definitely with something like a spooky atmosphere.
Pumpkins, Zombie dinosaurs, skeleton pteranosaurus flying over the map, scary music, maybe something like spooky dinosaurs appearing behind you…something like that, I mean something like a special event.

Now it‘s just…well, only one week more to go.
BUT I don‘t give up hope. Perhaps we‘ll get some spooky days?
Trick or treat with dinosaurs. :shushing_face:

Well I‘ll wait and if there won‘t be something spooky or special THEN you‘ll see me complain. :sunglasses: