[News] Jurassic World Alive | Halloween 2018 Extravaganza


there is rare strike today. you fight 3 pterosaurs that are like level 14-16 iirc.


Did the pumpking one, did the ptero blue one, but I haven’t seen the scent strike event.


Hi @Jorge,

I wanted to give some direct feedback about this event…

The rare/epic scents labeled on this map are extremely misleading. “We have a chance at the scent you guys displayed” ?? Lol are you serious? … I’d love to know the stats on how likely it is to get a rare and epic scent based on the RNG numbers the developers have plugged in.

I understand that the moderators are just the messengers but moves like this disappoint your players and make your company look both manipulative and stingy.

I hope the company is better than this …

(And please pass this on to the appropriate people)


Yeah, the description of the event is very disappointing as the first week and its schedule. It’s not an event anyhow, it’s just another regular week with useless dinosaurs (even the previous one was better).

Well, let’s see what we get the second week, but I don’t expect much now. They don’t fix major bugs, they don’t make good events. They just want to get more money, but they can’t even realize that it’s hard to get money from disappointed players.


to be honest, i was expecting this and i’m not surprised at all by their misleading tactics: they have been doing these misleadings for months now with their incubators in stores.


Im usually pretty pessimistic when it comes to this game and Ludia’s attempts at making enjoyable events, but I was very surprised when I got an epic scent from a scent strike a few days ago and then a rare scent from one yesterday. Either I was very lucky or perhaps the odds aren’t too terribly unfavorable of getting something other than a common capsule.


While I am certainly in agreement that this event could have been planned out better, at least this 10-step strike tower paid out reasonably well once I got enough charge to get that last round done.

Final incubator gave out over 3k V-raptor (as someone not able to nighttime hunt, that is MASSIVE), almost 300 Gorgosuchus (same, Kapro is stupidly rare), and just under 300 Suchotator (hey, favourite dinosaur in this game, can’t complain about more DNA and less fuse attempts which take decades to pull off per level-up), and a smattering of other stuff (though I could have done without the 2500+ Allosaurus, seeing as it brings my total up to over 29k and Sino is pretty much universally the most frustrating epic to find so that number is only going to go up by leaps and bounds).


I, like many others, was pretty outraged at how pathetic last weeks featured dinos were especially during a special holiday event. I am, however, pretty happy with this weeks lineup. It seems logical that they wouldve chosen these for the featured creatures but at this point it wouldnt have been surprising if they went with another lame selection of creatures. Also lots of strike events this week and the purchasable incubators that offer up some pretty good DNA (helloooo indoraptor!) so as someone who was pretty vocal last week about the crummy event, I’d like to say good job Ludia on turning this into something better. Still would’ve liked to see increased wild spawns though :wink: maybe next time?