[News] Jurassic World Alive | Halloween Chase Redo (2021)

Oh I can add in addition to no chest only 4 green cubes as wide I can see.
Drove a bit to next city saw there 3 chests.
Seems they are far from solved.
Will keep things cancelled until they really solve things :joy:

I got instead of 1 box in my city, 2 now.

Sunday i opened it 6 times and got 5 times 5 darts…
Today i’ve opened them once and AGAIN 5 darts on both…


yes, there are more chests but some of them still give 5 darts instead of 500+ coins

Remember, I think that’s the point…its the trick. Much better now, two in my non-vip range as normal, can see a few not too far away too.

Thank you :blush: I hope to get coin or items so far I only got 2 chest that had 5 darts each

Well here We go again, opened ONE, just ONE and we are back to 5 darts…

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Keep trying other chests. They are buggy and you can get 5 darts on one chest and 500+ coins on the following one.

Thanks for fixing this. Appreciate the effort.

Are the new chests supposed to be out now? I don’t have a single one on my map.

You’d think the redo was because they fixed something but they didn’t.
On my end, there was no real issue with the spawn rate of the chests but rather the 5 darts coming out of all of them :expressionless: That bug was not fixed.

No chests any where here

Went out to open 8 chests: 2 had nothing, and another 2 had 5 darts only which is same as nothing.

Too many tricks!

Some of the chests are MEANT to have 5 darts in them that’s the TRICK!!! Still a bit buggy, been out for my daily 5km walk, ended up being 6-7km as one side of my area appears maybe over-populated with chests while the other side had nothing/minimal. All the same got close enough to max that I should bdcable to max out from the two in range of my flat by the end. I found around 1/3 hit you with the trick.

Too many tricks with such a low spawn rate.

Just got 4 in a row without tricks, so wonder if it’s fixed now.

I got twice 5 darts but out of 15 boxes got my coins maxed…its fixed. Thank you Ludia :heart:

That explains why I saw chests today I was like that’s weird are there suppose to be chests on sunday

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Same exact reaction

Happy Birthday!

:partying_face: happy birthday!! :partying_face: