[News] Jurassic World Alive | Halloween Chase Redo (2021)

Some of the chests are MEANT to have 5 darts in them that’s the TRICK!!! Still a bit buggy, been out for my daily 5km walk, ended up being 6-7km as one side of my area appears maybe over-populated with chests while the other side had nothing/minimal. All the same got close enough to max that I should bdcable to max out from the two in range of my flat by the end. I found around 1/3 hit you with the trick.

Too many tricks with such a low spawn rate.

Just got 4 in a row without tricks, so wonder if it’s fixed now.

I got twice 5 darts but out of 15 boxes got my coins maxed…its fixed. Thank you Ludia :heart:

That explains why I saw chests today I was like that’s weird are there suppose to be chests on sunday

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Same exact reaction

Happy Birthday!

:partying_face: happy birthday!! :partying_face:

Ooh. And a midnight reset (uk). 13ish hours to max out again.

Thank you :heart:

Thank you :heart:

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Oh, haha, so there was supposed to be boxes lol! I saw two on my map when it glitched super late on the 31st/moring of the 1st. I was terribly confused bc I had seen nothing all day. Today was great! I was able to grab a few boxes during my errands, and made up for a lot of the coins i spent leveling up a creature. Thank you so much!!!

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Hey Ludia, can you add more boss battles into the map in one day, please? I’m not having any fun on the map. Can you also put f=more battles on the map? After the update, there is like, only one or two battles for incubators in the map now.

And, how do go to the weekly events? I also can’t play it. I play it on the app on my iPad.