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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Halloween Event (2020)

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that some of you were having issues finding the treasure chase around your area on Sunday. I have brought this up with our team and they are looking into it.

Thank you!


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Same thing happened last week and apparently ludia were looking into it …

Didn’t get far did they scince it’s happened again

To busy working on the upcoming flawless update to worry bout our “chase” and the 500 coins we missed out on.

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thanks @ned.
Can you aswell ask the team to put treasure chase as it was back before the confinement?
Now we only have 1 chest while before we could open some until 25k coins.
If you look at the database ,forum or facebook,a lot of people complain to only earn 500 coins for an “event”

Is this going to be like Mortem-Rex RNG “issue” which allowed some people to obtain her in two or three weeks while others will need far.more.time with same success?

How many chests are supposed to appear a day/week?

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The “treasure chase” event for Halloween was/is suppose to happen every weekend. You were allowed to collect one chest each day. Chest limits are up to 25,000 coins depending on player level and possible sanctuary resources. However, I think it worked as intended for one weekend and then the Sunday chests disappeared completely. The first weekend I was actually able to collect 5000 coins one day and 1000 the next. The following weekend, and thereafter, I was only able to collect 500 coins only on Saturday with no chest on Sunday. Now it’s been 2 or 3 sundays in a row that no chest has appeared on the map. I have many alliance members from all over the globe and they have all said that the chests did not spawn on Sunday for them either. So there is an issue on Ludia’s end that they are refusing to acknowledge and not properly fix or compensate its player base.


just plz replace chases with weekly incubators
much more useful
250 coins per day and i never get any sanct. materials so…
at least in incubator you are guaranteed some good stuff

It’s bad when we had the perfect treasure chest chase where you could get as many as you could find to max 25,000 a day to then getting alternate incubators including a really good one. Which even with the incubators you were still not getting 25,000 coins so it was a nerf. Then they nerfed that and made it only the rare incubator which was 5000 coins. Now it’s 1 chest a day on the weekend for 500 coins. The sad part is we ask for the incubator back which was still a nerf from the original chase. How about we just get the unlimited treasure boxes until you hit 25000 coins back?


Those were the days, weren’t they!?!?!??? :sob:

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I dont understand why they being so stingy with coins nowadays. Its the hottest commodity rite now (for me at least) and they keep nerfing every way to get them. Do the big wigs at ludia get a bonus if they have some coins left in their pocket at the end of the month or what?

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I expected the normal 500 coins, so I didn’t even bother to get in close range, but look what happened!


Lets just hope we can get them every 30minutes- 1hour

Today there are treasure chests as far as the eye can see. Tomorrow, my map will be empty because that’s how Ludia rolls. I opened up the one that was directly behind my house and as usual it contained only 500 coins.


2500 today

Where’s Acro?

It comin in a incubator

A STRIKE incubator

At long last

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I wonder wat area it spawns in