[News] Jurassic World Alive | Halloween Strike Event Reschedule (2020)


Hello DPG Members,

We received multiple reports regarding issues with the recent Halloween Strike Event this weekend, which forced us to terminate this event much earlier than normal. To resolve this, we will publish a fixed version of the event that will run beginning Wednesday, November 4th 10 AM ET to Thursday, November 5th 10 AM ET.

Players who have spent currency on retries for this event should contact our customer support for refunds at support+forums@ludia.com with your game Support Key.

Thank you for your understanding.


Lol finally some news…but I expect spawns to be terrible so won’t fix things for some people.

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Oh,so we can get the wasted cash back??
Glad to ear that!
Thanks @Eugene


Will we be able to win this one?


Thank you for allowing us to redo the event. hoping those who spent HC retrying will get that back.


Just sent my request. Hopefully it works

also… i recommend saturating the supply drops with it. don’t want people to miss out again if they should’ve won the first time.


Thank god I won it but it said I lost and I was so confused

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Lol with our luck…

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This is good news, although I suspect there is high chance people will miss some strikes if you publish this event while other scheduled events are running, or even worse - instead of other scheduled events. In many countries, people will not go out to look for your 1 epic strike that should be in range but it isn’t cause of so much else going on on the map.
Not only the Halloween event, the state of the game recently is a mess.

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Same as the cute event

twice for me, I checked calendar for fool’s day… LOL

In before the scarce spawn of strike towers to take the fun out of the game even more. :yawning_face:

Not only have i received the proper rewards for the won but bugged Halloween Strike Event as given a second try in the now fair battle. This was an appropriate reparation, thanks, Ludia!