[News] Jurassic World Alive | HardCash Tournament (04/03) Reset

Same. I went from 82 to 900+ this morning. Shame to see it all done for nothing

Was there not a way you could just compensate like 500 cash each to gyro players, or just add 800 medals to those affected?! Instead of resetting 4 hours of progress and achievement, when I could’ve been doing something way more productive then playing this darn game?


Still hasn’t shown back up after a couple restarts.


Honestly I felt bad for the players I was going against. Teams that had no uniques or even legendary dinos. Talking epic and rare hybrids only.

How do you think they felt going against Gyrosphere players? Getting 3-0’d by gemini and lania. They probably quit too.


Thank you. I was hoping they would add 738 medals

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It’s ok, we forgive you

The reset of the progress of anyone that pushed hard knowing full well that a good portion of players were at an unfair, unintentional disadvantage should have planned and assessed the situation better. It was obvious it would have been reset. There was no other option.


Not necessarily. I was fighting geminis throughout the tournament. Some boost should’ve been done as this would allow everyone who was given the proper start to regain their placement

thank you Ludia.

If skill tournaments had no starting medals… would this even be an issue?
Skill tournaments shouldn’t have starting medals, it’s skill, not starting privilege


This is how it should be, and I hope the next skill tournament doesn’t have this

Even if they subtracted 82 and added 820 to the gyro players, assuming they can even gather that data and do that, they would still be at a disadvantage if they stopped battling early on due to not being able to get up to where they’re supposed to be.

I’m against starting medals in skill tournaments, but if they’re gonna do it, they should do it from the start of the tournament so there isn’t a time gap.

Not the same for me. I just joined the tourney an hour ago. And aside from @Arnold (I imagine he started playing it recently too) I saw nothing but epic hybrids and rare hybrids. And a lot of them started letting the timer go down because they knew it was over from the start with Lania lol.

I played from the start. I did fight a few teams of rares and epics, but many on par with mine

Soooo anyone able to get back in

The only people I feel bad for are the people who don’t browse the forum. Some of them wouldn’t even be aware that there was a problem.

Nope not yet

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Where did that # of days at Ludia without an incident picture go?

Glad I only invested in 3 battles or I’d be upset too.

Nope, still down. Probably cancelled at this point

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it’s coming guys, deep breaths