[News] Jurassic World Alive | Harvest Event Week 2020

Get ready for a gobbledy good time!

Between November 23rd to November 29th, follow the smell of Fall and celebrate Thanksgiving with flightless bird Events on the map and in the market!

Start ruffling some feathers because those Terror birds will be guarding the special Harvest Strike reward! Use Precise abilities to end their Evasive attempts and Rampage attacks to drain the HP on these menacing beasts.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Ohh that’s cool

There are only 2 horror birds in the game … or maybe new ones? :scream:

noice, cant wait.

i sure hope so!

You r giving us an epic bird right?
Give us dodo
or Titanis
or Brontornis
Or even gastornis


Great. What’s the event?

this is the event

Awesome! Always happy to have more ways to collect exclusive dna :laughing:

how to quote what you wrote (I know it’s off topic)

Um is there a new Dino coming cuz that means there will be no unique unless your going to be using erlidomonus which isn’t a unique

just do the copy paste thing but wait and there will be blue quote button


and that is how u quote

They’ll probably include Velosrhacos too, maybe even Phorusaura and Grylenken. And I bet they’ll include some feathered dinosaurs too like they have in the past.

Give us Erlikosaurus plz!


Yes, gimme more birbs. I need more birb DNA to make more Grylenken. Hopefully, a hybrid for it comes up… Not that I’ll be ready for it.

I think I’d be ready for a Veloshracos hybrid tho.


Well, birds are useless…

What was the dino’s from last year thank’s giving?

Never used my last scent from last year :joy:


Haha cool, both erliko’s always nice.