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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Harvest Event Week 2020

My thoughts exactly, if we get a unique like last year, that’s would be nice

To be honest, all dinosaurs are birds-reptiles … but birds.

I hope we get a chance to get DNA from Phorusaura, Grylenken, and Velosrhacos. I will not see great importance if it was only about kelenken and phorusrhacos

I’ll be waiting to see erlidominus or erlikospyx the map. Hehehe! Plz give us a unique atleast now. It had been months since an unique event😔

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Hopefully the unique is zorion got flying and non flying dna… works for qualification for me.


Don’t they have a “use by date” otherwise they go fowl :upside_down_face:


No I don’t think so, I still have a nest protector scent from earlier this year and I feel like some players still have some older scents

Super event all your raids doesnt work thank ludia !

so sad they didn’t update the event :frowning: