[News] Jurassic World Alive | Holiday Chase


Very Gooooooooood:laughing:


This is why RNG in gifts is bad. I can’t go on these hunts with my girlfriend. She’ll rip my head off if I get a premium/epic incubator and she gets coin. Maybe if there’s a pity timer, so if you get a bad gift RNG it will even out in the end and give you the good stuff towards the end.
Example, the first many many scent towers gave me nothing but the smallest rewards but lately I’ve been getting the Rare scents a lot.


Cool! Can’t wait!


Yes indeed


sounds like a lot of fun for Ludia:
“Everyone thinking of finding epic and prime incubators and in fact anyone will find any, hehehehehehehehe”


This is THE event! Thank you!


Great event, can’t wait!!

I think it will be one chest per day (maybe like the strike events, on monday we will get the blue chest, on tuesday a green one etc…) and yes it will be RNG that will choose what of the 5/6 prizes, like the reward on strike events.

We will have 25 days to open these chest, so keep your finger crossed while opening!
After all, also buying incubators or paying to retry a strike event is not a guarantee to have something specific, let alone free stuff. :wink:

But free stuff is free stuff… Always wellcome!! :heart_eyes:


Where is this gif from?


Wow - 13 hours on and not one complaint … roll on the 10th :fist:


How do you insert gif?


Napoleon Dynamite!


Save to your device and then upload as an image. :+1:





I believe the Red Treasure is missing an incubator, based on potential odds I saw posted at metahub.
Will there be a medium incubator? Or will the rare incubator be around 9% odds?


Has anyone else gotten a bug which the stun last for two turns?


Yes often get like thqt but my opponenta never


That’s what a standard incubator is


Do we know for certain yet if the format will be the same as the current weekly treasure hunts - i.e. multiple chests appear every 6 hours but once you collect one the others disapper? Will all the chests be the same for each 6 hour period? i.e. all blue, green or red - or a mix? If it is a mix surely it makes sense to go for the red presents all the time as they will contain incubator levels of cash and coins (and DNA) … or am I missing something … Be nice to have some confirmation rather than having to second guess on the first day based on what you can see.


Did they ever clarify the rules? Pick one? Timers? 4 a day?


Just opened a green treasure and got 5000 coins. Isn’t green suppose to be cash or incubator? Didn’t get any DNA.