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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Holiday Chase


Same here.
Found bunch of Green treasures around my locality. Opened: 2,500 coins.


I got 10,000 coins from a purple one. Thanks!



Green - 2500 coins. Waiting for next one.


Purple one, 5000 coins


Can someone who opened the Green treasure box confirm they they see the new purple treasures and are able to open this one too?
With the 24h timer and not enough details provided, I am not clear if I should just wait till evening to get a treasure (if it is just 1/day) or make a quick trip to get one of this color before the next one comes up!! Seems they are rotating every 2 hrs.


Same for me


I don’t think they are roatating. It’s just that the green box was giving the wrong rewards and they fixed it two hours after it started by changing the color of the box.

People who opened the green box have reported that they can’t see the purple boxes. So it looks like one box per day.


I opened the green box after the event went live and can’t see any new boxes :slight_smile: so it is just 1/day


Thanks!! That’s a good explanation which matches what others have confirmed that most of them are receiving just coins today.


Thanks! Will wait till end of day to collect then. No hurry :slight_smile:


Hmm 6hour passed from start if its similar to treasure chase now have to show up new chest😋


Right, so if I’ve got this right there will be a new box with a new colour each day?
If I’m seeing purple boxes on my map I don’t have to go hunting for an elusive red one.


So just one color per day?
I opened a green one and got a 15 min incubator reward. 2500 gold would of been better :joy:


I opened a purple one today and got monolophosaurus and stegodeus dna


I just opened one and got 5000 thousand coins yay!!


I’m loving this holiday event so far. Some great stuff out there. I’ve managed to get 2 epic incubators, 5000 coins, 100 Jurassic dollars so far.


Gosh I love these so much


Holiday gift boxes must be for certain


Red Chest today, haven’t seen 1 yet, but I live in the middle of nowhere and don’t see much until I go trekking anyway.


Out of 3 green chests I’ve seen since this started I’ve gotten 25 cash each time. Why does everything in this game have to run on terrible rng?